Lara Worthington shares rare and personal family update

"It’s quite chaotic but it’s nice."
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To the untrained eye, Lara Worthington and her husband Sam look like they have everything work and family related under control. But the model mum-of-three has admitted that despite things being good, the “juggle” is a lot.

WATCH BELOW: Lara Worthington does a skipping workout at home

Lara and actor Sam, along with their kids Rocket, six, Racer, four, and River, one, relocated from LA to Sydney in January.

Speaking to Sunday Life, the mum-of-three said that her boys are “loving” life Down Under.

“The juggle is a lot, but it’s good,” she told the publication, adding that she’s been “that routine mum” since the kids were born.

But don’t be fooled by the picture-perfect snaps on Instagram, as Lara admits there are times, like when the children are sick, when that routine goes out the window.

“Those days make it more interesting. I’m pretty level-headed, so nothing really rattles me. I get enjoyment out of organising, and making things a bit simpler for them.

“But when it comes to me personally, that’s not the case. My wardrobe is chaos; my make-up bag is a mess.”

Lara, who is a mum of three boys, says she’s more of a tomboy than a girly girl. (Credit: Instagram)

Self-described tomboy Lara also says that it’s a “blessing” to be in a house full of boys.

“They are always playing soccer or basketball, or for some reason want to wrestle! Then I go to houses of friends who have girls and they’re just sitting there quietly drawing and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing!’ Sam is very much a kid himself, so I feel like between him and my brother, they all rile each other up. It’s quite chaotic but it’s nice.”

The model also revealed that the entire family follows a vegetarian diet and she hasn’t eaten meat for around six years.

“My children have never eaten meat,” adding, “No, never had a sausage!”

“It’s quite chaotic but it’s nice.” (Credit: Instagram)

Lara has previously spoken about how her attitude to health changed after becoming a mum.

“Before I had kids, I was always trying to get skinny or be a certain weight,” she told Marie Claire earlier this year.

“My mind was so focused on that, and then the moment I just let myself be happy in my body and had kids, it really changed for me.”

The model added: “I feel like my whole early 20s were just so centred on body issues. Having a baby changed my body for the better. It’s like my body was meant to have kids, and maybe that’s why I’ve had so many and would happily have more!”

Along with husband Sam, Lara says managing their family is all about routine. (Credit: Instagram)

The family-of-five lived in LA from March 2020 until January this year and had times when they didn’t leave the house for over a month, but now Lara is loving being back home.

“My whole schedule is based around my sons, and my husband Sam,” the mum-of-three told the Daily Telegraph, adding that she can’t believe how different her life is now.

“Recently through the very wet period in Sydney, I did a shoot in between dropping and collecting my sons from school. Looking at the photos, you would never imagine the reality of my before and after. I love that no matter how glamorous my day can be, being a mother pulls me right back into my wild and wonderful reality.”

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