Why is Love Island giving us another bomb? We have theories

Hugh are you?
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The third week of Love Island has officially wrapped, and while we’re not too sure when the finale is airing, we were pretty certain it couldn’t get much more chaotic than this.

WATCH BELOW: Love Island Australia’s Casa Amor chaos

That was, until, a new bomb was teased in our direction.

This week was ‘Casa Amor’ week, which saw 11 new ‘bombs’ replace the original girls and boys in an attempt to entice the opening cast with the promise of ‘new connections’, also known as a lot of pashing and cheating, with a Notebook reference thrown in.

The fallout has been pretty harsh already, but with Monday teasing a re-coupling, we assume we’ll see the final outcomes of the multiple betrayals.

Casa Amor week was not kind to Lexy. (Credit: Nine)

But in classic Love Island style, they couldn’t resist adding another ‘bomb’ in the final stages – although we’re not too sure what he’s going to do with himself in the middle of the wreckage.

With bombs Ruby, Audrey, Aisha, Brent, Shayne, and Sadee having next to no luck during Casa Amor week, we’re not too sure why yet another one is being dropped into the villa, but we’re already keen to find out.

Hugh was introduced on last night’s episode of Afterparty, in which host Abbie Chatfield and a panel of guests debrief on the week in the villa.

Zoe, Tina, and Jess seemed pretty content with their original couplings. (Credit: Nine)

Sporting a mullet, abs, and a friendly demeanour – Hugh might be our favourite bomb yet.

He’s a tradie, and by the look of his Instagram, a Sydney-based boy.

And it seems opening cast member Tina Provis is already following him on Instagram, so, excuse us while we speculate wildly.

Hello Hugh (Credit: Instagram)

We know that all Love Island cast members lose access to their socials as they enter the villa, so the existing follow would have had to have happened outside the realm of Love Island.

And with Hugh being thrown in after – we assume – six failed bombs walk out, there has to be a reason he’s going in, right?

Is he Tina’s ex? Or are they just friends? After all, Rachael Evren confirmed to WHO that she did know Emily Ward outside Love Island, so the whole thing could just be a coincidence.

Or could it? Is Hugh going in to break up Titch (Tina and Mitch’s lame couple name)?

Hugh’s keen on a girl who is ‘not too short’. (Credit: Instagram)

All of this is just speculation, and Hugh made no mention of Tina when he was interviewed by Josh Moss on Afterparty.

“I’m just going to play what’s in front of me, I want to suss the vibe, how everyone’s going and just bounce off – everyone has different energies,” he told Josh.

When Josh asked if he was looking for a girl he could wine and dine, or someone he could get some takeaway with and then some fun in the tray of his ute, he replied, “well, I’m a tradie, so let’s go with option B.”

He said he was after a girl who ‘wasn’t too short’ but didn’t have many other requirements.

We’re SO curious to know what Hugh’s game really is.

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