Married At First Sight’s Bryce claims Beck has a secret boyfriend

"She was missing a boy back home."

It seems like Married At First Sight’s bride Belinda Vickers isn’t the only contestant with a secret boyfriend outside of the experiment. According to old mate Bryce, Beck Zemek does, too.

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At the Fitzy & Wippa Married At First Sight Dinner Party in Sydney last night, Bryce Ruthven and his on-screen wife, Melissa Rawson, both 31, took to the crowd and spoke to the radio duo about their time on the show so far and fans’ reception towards Bryce’s behaviour, not long before he dropped an Easter egg of juicy drama for the long weekend.

When asked if the pair had spoken to Beck Zemek, 27, since filming had wrapped up, Melissa said, “no, not at all, no I haven’t spoken to her at all and I’m going to be really respectful and say that.”

“I think we saw last night’s episode that they maybe haven’t been intimate?”

Then, when Fitzy asked why that may be, Bryce said, matter of factually before performing a mic drop, “she was missing a boy back home.”

“So, Beck’s got another bloke?” Wippa asked. 

“She wants to talk about me a lot [so] I should probably talk about her, shouldn’t I,” Bryce answered. “I’m not going to say yes or no to that, I’m just going to say watch the reunion.”

MAFS Beck Jake
Married At First Sight couple Beck Zemek and Jake Edwards. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

While it isn’t one hundred percent clear who Beck’s alleged mystery man is – or whether she’s currently seeing someone – back in March, The Wash reported that Beck flew back to Perth to see her ex-boyfriend, Ben, whom she dated three months before the show. 

Earlier this week on Married At First Sight, Bryce kissed Beck on the cheek without her consent. The behaviour, which comes after a wave of sexual assault allegations from within the Federal Liberal Party and a national conversation around consent and teaching consent in Aussie schools, horrified viewers and spoke to a larger systemic problem with sexism and misogyny in the country. 

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“I’m a straight shooter,” Bryce explained to Fitzy and Wippa at the event when asked why the Australian public found his personality on the show unlikable.

“I’m unique and very outgoing. At the same time, too, I call a spade a spade, put the facts out there and leave it to you to work it out.”

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