Where is MAFS “virgin” Matthew Bennett today?

He's put his TV marriage behind him, that's for sure.
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Cast your minds back to Married At First Sight 2019. It was the year of Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant’s love story and cheating scandals galore, but it was also the season when were introduced to shy virgin, Matthew Bennett.

WATCH BELOW: The awkward moment Matthew shares he’s a virgin

The then 29-year-old videographer who lived at home was partnered with adventurous bride Lauren Huntriss and fans went wild for the couple.

However despite that initial bond and how Matthew ended up losing his virginity to his on-screen wife, the pair’s love story soured and they opted to leave the experiment.

Just after MAFS aired, Matthew made headlines once more when he revealed he’d found love with British girlfriend Annabel who he met at his Sunshine Coast wrestling club.

So where is Matthew today?

Remember this guy? (Credit: Nine)

All you romantics out there will be happy to know that Matthew and Annabel are still loved-up nearly two years on from his season of MAFS.

Over Christmas, Annabel took to Instagram to share some cute couple photos of the pair enjoying the silly season together.

Here’s our generic couple at Christmas picture. Happy Christmas/holiday/Friday!” she captioned the post.

The couple also rang in the new year together and Annabelle shared another image of the pair writing messages with sparklers to celebrate the start of 2021 including one that seems to read “F*** 2020.”

Matthew and girlfriend Annabel celebrated Christmas 2020 together. (Credit: Instagram)
The MAFS groom looks good with a bit of facial hair! (Credit: Instagram)

Annabelle’s Christmas post was met with many sweet messages from fans.

“So great you two are still together,” one remarked.

“Yes I’m so happy for him finding you after what he went through blessed,” another penned.

“You are a lovely young couple 😊….so glad your relationship during these trying times is going from strength to strength …all the best for 2021 !” a third noted.

Matthew, however, hasn’t posted on Instagram for over a year when he shared a sweet post dedicated to his girlfriend.

“All good things must come to and end. So ends the days of Annabel’s tourist visa and so begins the days of her partner visa,” he captioned his January 2020 photo of himself and Annabel kissing in a swimming pool overlooking a city skyline.

“It’s been a long and stressful year, but we got the visa in with one day to spare. Incredibly proud of @belajameson and everything she’s done and looking forward to the future together. What a great start to 2020.”

Matthew and Annabel started dating shortly after his MAFS experience. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking to Nova radio duo Fitzy and Wippa in 2019, Matthew revealed that he and Annabel met a couple of months after MAFS.

“It was ironic. I got everything I asked for in the experiment – just after the show,” he said.

Annabel was then brought on air to discuss how she first met Matt at UPW on the Sunshine Coast and that because she’s British, she’d never seen the show.

“We started getting on. He showed me a video of running through mazes and I was like, ‘What is this, a gardening show?’” she said on-air.

Annabel added that she holds no grudges towards Matthew’s MAFS ex Lauren, explaining: “It’s not my place [to say anything to her]. I think it’s hard and I feel for her. I don’t think it says anything about her, that your feelings manifested in the way that they did. We’ve all been there!”

Things may not have worked out with Lauren but at least Matthew found love. (Credit: Nine)

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