Michelle Bridges’ son called out her Celebrity Apprentice co-star

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Unlike many Survivor fans, Michelle Bridges wasn’t quite aware that her Celebrity Apprentice co-star David Genat was a master at blindsiding. But after his sneaky behaviour on the business reality show, he found himself on Michelle’s five-year-old son Axel’s bad side!

WATCH BELOW: Celebrity Apprentice’s David Genat turns on Michelle Bridges

Speaking exclusively to WHO, the former Biggest Loser trainer says that Axel has been watching Celebrity Apprentice with her, but wasn’t impressed when David played nice to Michelle’s face and then criticised her leadership behind her back.

“He’s like ‘Mummy I don’t think I like that David guy! He’s mean to you Mummy!’” Michelle says.

“We filmed last year and since the show’s been on-air, Axel’s had a conversation with David and they’ve come full circle, they’re now friends. David goes to me ‘Your boy is so cute, he’s got your back Mish’. I said ‘You bet he has babe!’”

Michelle joined the cast of Celebrity Apprentice to raise money for Women’s Community Shelter. (Credit: Nine)

Michelle, who shares Axel with her ex-partner Steve ‘Commando’ Willis, admits that her five-year-old is “so cool” and loves being a mum.

“This age right now has been an absolute joy. Since he’s started school he’s just so cool to hang out with. I get excited every time I know I’m going to see him, I can’t wait to be with him.”

The fitness queen adds that Axel is “very good at communication” and has the language of someone 10 times his age.

“He can tell you exactly what he’s thinking and what he’s feeling. Whether he’s appreciative of it or not, he will give you his opinion. He’s been talking like that since he was probably two and a half/three, he’s always had an extraordinarily big vocabulary. Most people go ‘How old is he? He speaks like an adult!’”

“I get excited every time I know I’m going to see him, I can’t wait to be with him.” (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the fact that she didn’t watch David’s trickery on Survivor and had no idea of his tactics, Michelle says there are no hard feelings between her and her co-star.

“He’s definitely playing that guy. I love him but he’s playing and he’s very strategic,” she says.

“Everyone’s like ‘Didn’t you watch Survivor? He’s very strategic!’ But it’s always in good fun – we’re all very serious about it because we all want to win for our charity.

“At the end of the day, that’s what we’re playing for, we’re playing for money for our all very important charities and all do such good work. So, you know you putting yourself on the line for them.”

” I love him but he’s playing and he’s very strategic.” (Credit: Nine)

Each Celebrity Apprentice contestant is playing for a chosen charity and Michelle admits that after her win as Project Manager, being able to donate $20,000 to Women’s Community Shelters, who help women and children affected by domestic and family violence and homelessness, was a massive highlight.

“Being a mum and being a single mum, I cannot imagine what it would be like being on the street having suffered domestic or family abuse,” she says.

“There are 66,000 Australian women a night on the street. That is unbelievable that that’s happening in our country. It’s one thing to suffer violence, it’s another thing to be homeless on the street, but then add to that you’ve got your five-year-old child with you. That’s just beyond like I can’t even.

“I’ve got a five-year-old son and I know I’m so grateful that that’s not me but it could be. It could be us.”

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