The nine most successful Neighbours stars ranked

Can Kylie Minogue outdo Margot Robbie?
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As Neighbours comes to an end, we’re looking back at all the incredible acting careers the soap kickstarted, including those of quite a few A-list Aussie stars.

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Through the years countless local celebrities have called Ramsay Street home, whether just for a few episodes or for multiple seasons of the beloved soap.

Some stick around for decades, but others found their TV and film careers launched to new heights after making their name on Neighbours.

And some even took it to the big leagues, becoming lauded Hollywood stars and pop icons but never forgetting where it all began.

In honour of Neighbours‘ final episode airing on July 28, 2022, we’re counting down the biggest and most successful stars to come out of Ramsay Street.

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9. Caitlin Stasey

We fell in love with her when she hit screens in 2005 as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours, but these days Caitlin is a popular international TV star, having appeared in shows like Reign, Please Like Me and legal drama series For the People.

While she’s found more fame than many Ramsay Street locals, she’s not quite top of the pops.

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8. Eliza Taylor

Eliza also joined the soap in 2005 as Janae Timmins, but she’s best known for her role as Clarke Griffin in the US dystopian sci-fi series The 100.

The show ran for more than five years, wrapping in 2020 after Eliza had bascially become a household name among fans of the show.

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7. Natalie Imbruglia

Everyone knows the opening lines of her hit song Torn, so there’s no denying Natalie found huge fame after her stint on the show in the ’90s.

The pop sensation played Beth Brennan for three years before ditching Ramsay Street to pursue music – and didn’t that work out well for her!

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6. Liam Hemsworth

While brother Chris made his debut on Home And Away, Liam chose Neighbours to get his start in 2007 as Josh Taylor – though he did make an appearance on H&A too.

With the same good looks and fit body, it’s no surprise he’s gone on to be almost as famous as his elder brother… almost.

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5. Guy Pearce

These days he’s regarded as a serious drama actor, but back in 1985 Guy was starring alongside the likes of Kylie Minogue as Mike Young on Neighbours.

He stuck with the show for several years before heading off to start his film career and has since won an Emmy and been nominated for a Golden Globe for his acting credits. Sounds pretty successful to us.

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4. Delta Goodrem

She was born to try… acting. Delta got her start as Nina Tucker on Neighbours in 2002, a move that helped launch her incredible music career – which turned out to be a lot more lucrative than her acting career.

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with her perfomance on the show, but with pipes like hers it’s clear Delta was destined to be a music icon.

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3. Russell Crowe

It’s easy to forget the Gladiator star ever appeared on Neighbours, as he was only featured in a few episodes in 1987 as Kenny Larkin, Henry Ramsay’s former cellmate.

The devious character didn’t stick around for long, but Russell didn’t need to – he was too busy getting his career as a leading man started and has since won an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards and more.

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2. Margot Robbie

We adore Margot, but she only comes in second place this time around.

Since starting out as Donna Freedman on the show in 2008, Margot has gone on to become an international superstar, appearing in everything from The Wolf Of Wall Street to DC superhero movies, and her star just keeps rising. But there’s one Neighbours icon that continues to outdo her…

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1. Kylie Minogue

How could Kylie not be at the top of this list? She’s one of Australia’s biggest entertainment exports and has been a certified music sensation for decades now.

After getting her start as curly-haired Charlene Robinson in 1986, Kylie eventually swapped the lace wedding dress (so iconic) for gold booty shorts and went off to be a pop star. She continues to be an international celebrity today and there’s no denying she’s Neighbours‘ most successful alum.

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