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Becky Miles’ secret boyfriend REVEALED

Pete Mann is all but a distant memory!
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The 2020 season of The Bachelorette Australia will go down in the history books as the most disastrous series yet.

With double the leading ladies in sister act Elly and Becky Miles, one would think the chances of finding a success story would be increased. But as we all know now, that could not have been further from the truth with both sister’s relationships crumbling in spectacular style.

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Elly and her chosen one, Frazer Neate, who didn’t seem to spend any time together after the show, announced their split just three months after the finale wrapped.

While older sister Becky had to go through the humiliating ordeal of confirming her boyfriend, Pete Mann, had dumped her three days after she had given him her final rose.

Becky Miles boyfriend
Meet Becky’s new man, James Bevitron. The pair previously dated earlier in the year. (Credit: Instagram)

However as the year draws to a close, Becky may be getting her happy ending after all with the reality TV star confirming she’s in the early stages of an exciting new romance.

“It is funny because you don’t know what will come around the corner or what life will throw at you,” the 30-year-old told the Daily Telegraph in a new interview.

While she’s not giving too much away just yet, the blonde beauty confirmed she was happy and her new fellas name is James Bevitron.

Becky Miles
Romantic road trip: Last week Becky was pictured kicking back in this vintage red van. (Credit: Instagram)

“I have been hanging out with someone fantastic and it could be the one so I guess I am just really looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings.”

“We are just taking things slow. After the show, it was such a whirlwind so I am happy getting to him.”

Becky first hinted at their romance last week, when she posted a photo of herself reclining on a red vintage van during a road trip from Newcastle to Parkes in NSW. Over on James’ Instagram Stories, he uploaded a photo of the exact same van as Becky. Newcastle also happens to be James’ hometown.

According to The Wash, the pair were “briefly dating in March” but things ended after Becky headed off to Sydney star on The Bachelorette alongside her younger sister Elly.

James Bevitron
Sprung! James pictured next to the exact same van. (Credit: Instagram)

“I was casually dating someone before the show, which was for a short amount of time. He was a great guy, we have great respect for each other. When I told him about this opportunity, I tried to be as honest as possible, we left on a good note,” Becky previously told Woman’s Day.

And it’s not just Becky who’s putting her unsuccessful Bachelorette stint behind her with her ex Pete Mann also moving on with a former flame.

Last week, the Octeine Coffee owner confirmed he had fallen “head over heels” for Rachel Evans.

After being spotted getting cosy at a Christmas party the 34-year-old confirmed to the Daily Mail he and Rachel had made things “official.”

Pete Mann Becky Miles
Pete broke Becky’s heart three days after filming., but Becky’s leaving him in the past. (Credit: Network Ten)

As it turns out Pete had a history with the wedding planner prior to his stint on the reality TV show.

“Rach and I are together now for the first time. We had been seeing each other only casually before the show,” he revealed.

“After filming concluded, we reconnected and I simply fell head over heels.

“We’ve now met each other’s families and will be spending Christmas together, including a secret little getaway.”

Both Elly and Frazer are still single and according to the nurse, she has no regrets over her time on the show.

“The only good thing about it is the fact that we can look back and know we had a really cool adventure together. So we have no regrets. While things didn’t work out after the show, there were so many lovely memories that we can hold dear. And there were a lot of lessons learnt,” Elly told the Telegraph.

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