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Love is in the air! Meet FWAW’s 8 new farmers

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Australia’s beloved reality show, Farmer Wants A Wife, is set to return to Channel 7 and 7plus in 2025, bringing a new crop of farmers eager to find true love.

With the previous season capturing the hearts of 9.9 million viewers, the show continues its legacy of connecting rural romance seekers with their potential partners. Here’s a glimpse into the lives of the new farmers ready to embark on their journey to find love.

New farmer for FWAW Australia 2025
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Farmer Corey, 24, Biloela, Queensland

Corey, a fourth-generation farmer, juggles mung beans, hay, wheat, and cotton farming with his fun-loving nature. Known for his hard work and determination, Corey also enjoys socializing and being a bit of a larrikin. Family plays a significant role in his life, and he hopes to find someone who can share in his passions and lifestyle.

Farmer Jack, 26, Oberon, New South Wales

Jack is a rodeo rider and award-winning sportsman who manages a cattle farm. A man of action with a go-with-the-flow attitude, Jack values his long farming heritage and maintains a laid-back, humorous approach to life. He is looking for a partner who appreciates his genuine, hardworking nature.

Farmer Jack L, 26, Railton, Tasmania

This dairy farmer prides himself on being reliable, honest, and straightforward. Family and friends are Jack L’s top priorities, and he enjoys restoring vintage cars in his spare time. He hopes to find someone who shares his values and can appreciate the beauty of life on a dairy farm.

Farmer Jarrad, 21, Stanthorpe, Queensland

Jarrad is a young sheep farmer with a passion for music and creativity. Described as goofy and outgoing, Jarrad loves country music and performs with his band. He is looking for a partner who can join him in his love for the land and his musical endeavours.

Farmer Thomas, 35, Kimba, South Australia

Thomas is a modern wheat, barley, and lentil farmer from the Eyre Peninsula. He is open, honest, and ready to find true love. Thomas values straightforward communication and hopes to meet someone who shares his passion for farming and honesty.

Farmer Chooka, 25, Goornong, Victoria

Chooka manages a diverse farm with cattle, sheep, and crops. Known for his strong community ties and love for social gatherings, Chooka is described as the life of the party and a dependable friend. He seeks a partner who can appreciate his lively spirit and dedication to farming.

Farmer Tom M, 31, Borambola, New South Wales

Tom M is a sheep farmer who loves being his own boss and working in open spaces. Known for his positivity and cheerful demeanour, Tom has many dreams he hopes to achieve with the right woman by his side. He is looking for a partner to share the tranquillity and beauty of his rural life.

Farmer Reidy, 29, Mareeba, Queensland

Reidy is a banana and avocado farmer who enjoys banter and outdoor adventures. He is a caring and hardworking individual who loves Far North Queensland’s natural beauty. Reidy is searching for a partner to join him in exploring and appreciating the stunning landscapes and laid-back lifestyle of the region.

Farmer wants a wife 2024
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How to Apply for Farmer Wants a Wife

These farmers are ready to open their hearts and lives to potential partners in the upcoming season of FWAW. Interested? Single ladies looking for their happily-ever-after on the land can apply now at Farmer Wants A Wife.

When is the next season of Farmer Wants a Wife?

Stay tuned to Channel 7 and 7plus for the return of “Farmer Wants A Wife” in 2025, and follow the journey of these incredible farmers as they search for love.

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