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Andrew Davis has changed his name after a controversial stint on MAFS

Everybody say "Hi James!"
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Married At First Sight Australia star Andrew Davis has changed his name, following a controversial stint on the series. From claiming he’d slept with upwards of 350 women to saying he had better chemistry with one-night-stands than his “wife” Holly Greenstein, Andrew certainly made a mark on the hit reality TV show. And not in a good way.

WATCH: MAFS’ Andrew tells Holly he’s slept with 350 women

Andrew was criticised during his time on the show over his relationship with Holly and the way he spoke to her, with viewers slamming his behaviour and the behaviour of contestants who supported him during filming. So much so, that co-stars like Jackson Lonie came out to say they regretted their comments.

“It’s very hard, because we didn’t get to see all this other stuff and Andrew is a very good speaker,” Jackson told WHO at the time. “He’s a motivational speaker and Holly is kind of… not the best speaker.

“With Holly and Andrew, I could only understand his side at that point in time but now, watching it back, I can see it’s very mean without needing to be. I understand his whole thing is wanting to ‘speak honestly,’ but there’s a nice way to tell the truth.”

The experts held Andrew to account on the couch, with the show painting him as somewhat of a “villain” in the eyes of viewers.

It’s no surprise, then, that Andrew left before the second Commitment Ceremony and declined to return for the Reunion, telling Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa he “one hundred percent” regretted doing the show. It was the only interview he did post-show.

Since then, the fitness professional has allegedly had a rebrand and changed his name to “James” as he continues working in the industry at a Snap Fitness in Sydney.

Andrew was paired with Holly, and was called out by the experts for his comments towards her. (Credit: Nine Network)

The reveal was made by The Wash, who shared a clip of “James” introducing himself in a post shared to the fitness brand’s socials. And just… of course he chose a “J” name. With a plethora of names to choose from, he went with objectively the worst letter of all.

James’ new bio says he’s a Club Manager with 22 years of experience and reveals he’s still using his surname of “Davis.”

The video has since been deleted, with fans said to have flooded the comments calling out “Andrew.” Considering he’s just changing his name, it seems like a bit of an overreaction to troll the entire fitness company – but the internet is going to internet. 

This latest viral moment surely isn’t going to sweeten his feelings towards MAFS, after previously telling Fitzy and Wippa that it had been a negative experience.

“Honestly, when I went on the show I wanted to meet somebody and I was excited about it,” he said in February. “I hadn’t had much luck in relationships in the last five to seven years and I was putting it into the hands of somebody, and I genuinely thought I was going to meet somebody I could potentially have a relationship with.

The 39-year-old contestant added that his mental health was “greatly damaged by the whole process” but said he was glad he “left on his terms.”

domenica and ander
Domenica was one of the few contestants to call out Andrew’s behaviour during filming. (Credit: Nine Network)

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