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Inside The Bachelors’ star Jessica Navin’s divisive open relationship

"Is monogamy natural? I feel like it's a bit of a social construct."
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Apart from this year’s The Bachelors ‘villian’ Tash Candyce and Tilly Skok’s abrupt departure from the mansion, the biggest talking point on the show seems to be Jessica Navin and her polyamorous relationship.

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After the ever-contentious Tash told Jed McIntosh that Jess had a boyfriend on the outside, the drummer rushed to tell his best mate (and fellow Bachelor) Felix Von Hofe that one of the 10 girls he was seeing had a partner back home. 

Jess then sat down with Felix to clarify that she intended to introduce him to her open relationship on her own terms. Once he digested the news, the basketballer decided he liked Jess enough to explore the connection, despite his desire for a monogamous relationship.

Now, Jess is clearly a front-runner for Felix. So, what do we know about the reality star? How old is she? What is her job? Who is her boyfriend on the outside?

Scroll on for everything we know about The Bachelor’s Jessica Navin.

Here’s what we know about Jess. (Credit: Instagram)

How old is Jessica?

Jess is 25 years old. Judging from her Instagram, her birthday seems to be early June.

That makes the bachie babe a Gemini (for any astrology buffs out there).

Where is Jessica from?

Townsville in Queensland!

What does Jessica do for work?

The reality star is one creative personality, with experience in bridal styling, modelling, theatre, children’s party entertainment and more.

This comes as no surprise after watching her first date dance with Felix, which left the bachelor smitten.

She told Ten that her proudest achievement to date has been: “Auditioning for the ensemble for Strictly Ballroom The Musical at (her) local theatre and being asked to play the lead character instead. 

“Getting out of my comfort zone was a massive growth opportunity and the experience was so much fun,” Jess added.

The 25-year-old has also donned an Elsa from Frozen costume for a kid’s party, as well as showcasing her piano and singing skills online.

What’s more, in 2019, Jess graduated from James Cook university with a Bachelor of Educational Services

Felix was smitten with Jess from the start. (Credit: Ten)

Who is Jessica’s boyfriend on the outside?

As we mentioned, Jess is polyamorous, and entered the bachelor mansion while in an open relationship. 

Her boyfriend, 33-year-old Townsville local Damien, even drove her to meet Felix on the show.

According to his Instagram, which Jess still follows (though, it’s worth nothing that Channel Ten is currently managing her account), Damien is a neuro-transformational-therapy life coach and practitioner… and we swear we know what some of those words mean!

The dancer met Damien at the end of 2021 after coming out of a four-year relationship. When Jess explained she had reservations about settling down, it was the life coach who introduced her to alternative dating structures.

“He said, ‘Jess I want you to experience the world and connections, whether that’s with me or without me… you’re open and free to connect on a deep level with anyone, I’m not here to hold you back’,” she explained.

After Jess was casted on The Bachelors, Damien was nothing but supportive.

“He was very much of the opinion like, ‘Jess I will support you in whatever decision you make, even if that means exploring a connection with the bachelor without me’.”

Damien (right) drove Jess to meet Felix. (Credit: Instagram)

Why did Jessica go on The Bachelors?

Jess confessed to Ten that deciding to go on the show caused quite the internal struggle due to her views on monogamous relationships.

“Is monogamy natural? I feel like it’s a bit of a social construct,” she said.

But it was this confusion regarding dating that prompted Jess to explore her options.

“There are all these different ways of going about relationships and, before I settle down and have my own kids and stuff, I think this is the time in my life where I should explore my sexuality and those different ways of going about relationships,” the model explained.

“[There are] still a lot of questions to be asked, I’m still learning about that whole world,” she explained, clarifying that she is in no way trying to speak for the polyamorous community.

“I was exploring, is this whole relationship, polyamory, for me? Does it align with me? How does it feel? And it’s just a bit funny that I used The Bachelor experience as my way of finding out if this is for me or not,” Jess said.

The Bachelors airs 7.30 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on 10 and 10 play.

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