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Bachelorette Becky SPILLS all on sister Elly’s new love

"I’ve never seen Elly so smitten!"
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True love can be hard to find, so it made perfect sense to Elly Miles to enlist her best friend – and sister – Becky on the hunt.

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With both siblings searching out their suitors for life on The Bachelorette, it made the decision to go on the journey together a “no-brainer”, Elly, 26 – who made it to the top five during Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor in 2019 – tells WHO.

“The show has an incredible track record when it comes to making matches,” Becky, 30, adds.

Here, the sisters from regional NSW answer all our pressing questions …

WHO: How will two Bachelorettes work? Will you date and fall for the same guys?

Elly: OK, so there’s a pool of guys for both of us to choose from, but there was no chance we’d fall for the same guy because we both have very different tastes when it comes to men.

Anyone Becky is interested in, I automatically put them in the brother basket. Going into this, it was all about each of us finding the perfect guy for ourselves.

Becky: Absolutely. We’ve never gone for the same guy – that would be weird.

Elly and Becky Miles will make history by being the first pair of sister’s to search for love on The Bachelorette (Image: Are Media)

Can you tell who’s going to be right for each other?

Becky: Yes. When the guys are walking up the red carpet for the first time, I’d be thinking, “Hmm, maybe not for me but he’d be perfect for Elly, or they’d look good together!” There was a lot of that going on.

Elly: We got it right from the start, in terms of picking who the other sister would like. 

What would happen if one of you finds love and the other doesn’t?

Elly: We talked about that. I think we’re so supportive of one another that we just hope for the best and if one of us only finds love, then so be it. We just want each other to be happy. I really wanted Bec to find someone though, because she’s been through a lot of hardship in relationships and people being crap to her.

Elly believed the sisters wouldn’t have any drama dating the same guys as they had “very different tastes” (Image: Instagram)

So you’ve finished filming. Have you both found your happy ever after?

Elly: Yes, we have. I’m so happy right now, for myself and for Bec. Her guy is the best. I love him – for her.

Becky: I’ve never seen Elly so smitten. Usually she gets a bit overwhelmed when guys are too keen on her. But now, she’s all in. She’s been really emotional and I’ve not really seen this side to her. It’s so nice.

Elly: I don’t even recognise myself!

You were both single leading up to the show. Did you date anyone after you were on The Bachelor, Elly?

Elly: After the show, I needed that bit of time to myself. I did a little bit of dating but nothing too serious.

Did it take you awhile to get over Matt?

Elly: No, once Matt sent me home I accepted it really quickly and moved on. At that time, Matt and Chelsie [McLeod] were meant to be. So in terms of why I’m still single, I guess in the past, I’d meet guys who on paper were perfect for me, but I just didn’t have those feelings. Now I know it was because I really just hadn’t met The One.

Despite rumours she was dating someone, Becky insists she was single when approached to star on the dating show (Image: Instagram)

Becky: I was in a relationship last year for five months after being single for about three years before that. When that five-month relationship suddenly ended, I concentrated on myself.

I love my life, I love my friends and so I went into doing The Bachelorette thinking I’m just looking for someone as a bonus to my life.

Elly, are you still in contact with Matt and did you tell him you were going to do this?

Elly: No. Once I left the show, my feelings went and I moved on with my life. I didn’t talk to him about this at all. No dramas, but it was a different time.

Why do you think you were asked to be the Bachelorettes?

Elly: The producers made it clear to us that they were looking at other options, too, but they definitely wanted sisters.

As the process went on they made it clear they wanted two real, relatable, down-to-earth girls and they don’t come much realer than us. We’re the first ever country bogan Bachelorettes!

“I’ve never seen Elly so smitten,” Becky said when asked if they’d found love (Elly pictured) (Image: Instagram)

Have you always been close as sisters?

Becky: There’s four and a bit years between us so we fought a bit growing up, mostly over The Sims video game and whose turn it was 
on the computer.

Elly: That was when we were little kids. I just wanted to hang out with Becky and she didn’t want her annoying little sister hanging around.  But when I turned 13, we became really close and we’ve been like that ever since.

Elly has experienced everything – the good and bad – that comes with doing the show. Becky, how prepared are you?

Becky: There’s the recaps, the social media, there’s so much that comes with the show. I’m trying not to think about that stuff too much. I’ve gone out there and been totally myself and that’s all I can do. If people don’t like me then that’s too bad. Elly gave me some great advice, she said, “Just don’t go looking for it.” So I didn’t.

So will we see a big Bachie proposal this time around or even a double wedding?

Becky: I’m not sure about that just yet, but I can say it’s been such a beautiful experience. The guys were all such genuine, kind guys. They were all incredible. I’ve met someone and I’m incredibly happy, too. 

Elly: I went into this hoping to meet a guy version of me, and I feel so lucky that I have.

The bachelorette premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 7:30pm on Network 10 (Image: Channel 10)

The Bachelorette premieres on Wednesday October 7 at 7.30pm on Ten. 

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