How Shelley Craft maintains an incredible figure

This busy mum-of-two is fighting fit!
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TV presenter Shelley Craft lives a super-busy life, and always manages to look fabulous while doing it.

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The 45-year old is best known at the moment for her work on The Block, where she hosts alongside Scott Cam.

However, she has also proven herself to be a relatable, down to earth mum, with an Instagram dedicated to posting images of her dogs, her kids, beautiful interiors and snaps from the set of The Block.

Shelley joined the renovation show in season four, and quickly became a household name for her work, with lots of Aussies wanting to know how she balances her work, motherhood and travel commitments, and keeps healthy while doing it.

Shelley Craft with her daughters and her dogs. (Credit: Instagram)

Shelley is mum to Milla Grace and Eadie Rose, who are nine and 10-years-old.

The family are based in Byron Bay, with Shelley travelling to Melbourne to film The Block – which has now racked up a whopping 17 seasons since production began in 2011.

With such a busy schedule, it’s probably not a shock that Shelley has very little time to commit to routine exercise.

“I pretended for many years that I care and enjoy it, but I just don’t,” she told Good Health & Wellbeing in 2019.

“I live a very active lifestyle, so I guess that’s my excuse. With two kids, two dogs, house renos and flying interstate back and forth for work, I’m always on the move,” she explained.

Shelley is a super keen surfer when in Byron Bay. (Credit: Instagram)

Although she tries to get fit for each season of The Block, Shelley credits her health to staying active with her family.

“We ride our bikes and walk everywhere, whether that’s doing the grocery shopping, heading down to the beach, or taking the kids to school,” she said.

“We’ll take the dogs for a walk, kick a soccer ball together or go for a swim in the ocean.”

The mum-of-two is also a keen surfer, and with beaches like the ones in Byron Bay, who wouldn’t be!

The presenter also uses fasting in her approach to diet. (Credit: Instagram)

When it comes to diet, Shelley has confessed in the past to following a fasting routine when she’s at home, only eating between midday and 6pm.

“I find this gets my digestion working really well – it never feels like I’m fasting,” she told New Idea in 2020.

However, she has also admitted that genetically, she tends not to hold onto too much weight.

Shelley uses meditation as part of her wellness routine. (Credit: Instagram)

Shelley also credits meditation as part of her ongoing approach to wellness, especially in moments she is guaranteed a bit of peace.

She is able to have downtime while flying to and from Byron as her filming schedule dictates.

“I find those two hours are my downtime. I take it as my real mediation moments,” she said previously.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and help control anxiety, making it an excellent wellness tool.

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