Bachie fans are going wild for Jimmy’s friend Fin

"I want to see half these girls jump ship to Finn."
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Jimmy Nicholson may be the main man on The Bachelor this year, but after Wednesday night’s episode it seems that another guy stole the show.

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As part of a group date, Jimmy, who is a volunteer lifesaver, was joined by his friend and fellow lifesaver Fin Stronach. And let’s just say, he’s easy on the eye.

Bachie fans flocked to social media to share their Fin appreciation posts, with some even posting on his personal Instagram page.

“Hello Finy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” one penned.

“Finally getting the recognition you deserve. I couldn’t be prouder. #bachelor2022 #finiforbach,” wrote another.
“Hello Finy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” (Credit: Ten)

During the episode, Fin also drew attention to some of the contestants who have had less screen time.

Jimmy even took his friend’s advice on board and invited Fin’s suggestion of Tatum for some alone time.

Why is it that I feel like I’ve seen more of a personality from Fin in his 5 min of screen time than I have from Jimmy in the last 5 episodes?” one fan penned on Twitter. 

Aside from being a volunteer surf lifesaver, Fin is also a pilot and currently works for Jetstar.

Judging by his Instagram, he loves nothing more than an ocean swim and a spot of travel.

Plus, he appears to be single…

Team Osher always. (Credit: Ten)

As for Jimmy, his winner is predicted to be Holly Kingston who is currently the bookies’ favourite to steal his heart.

The marketing manager also attended the group date with Fin where they did a relay drill but was forced to step out when she swallowed too much saltwater.

The things we do for love!

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