Meet the cast of The Voice Generations

Families, friends and partners will all take the stage together.
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Our favourite powerhouse judges are back for a quick-fire round of Australia’s best singing show, The Voice. 

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While a new season is cooking away, Rita Ora, Keith Urban, Jess Mauboy and Guy Sebastian are back for a three-night special, The Voice: Generations.

In a global first, The Voice: Generations will see the nation’s greatest performers from different generations take to the stage together to showcase their amazing talent.

The coaches are returning for this one-off event. (Credit: Channel 7)

Family bands are the new in-thing, but we’ll also be treated to mother-son and father-daughter duos, couples, friends, and mentor-mentee relationships all coming together on the famous stage.

With only a brief amount of time to get to know all the brilliant contestants, we’re introducing you to them right here!

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Kids of Leo

These globe-trotting buskers are made up of Ben and his four kids – Raein, Freeman, Jake, and Julie. With already 5.5 million views on YouTube, this bunch are ready to go from street to stage.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Ty and Eddie

Ty and his 10-year-old son, Eddie will be taking to the stage to show what they’re made of. While Ty has toured as a support act for the likes of Midnight Oil, Rod Stewart and Hoodoo Gurus, young Eddie aspires to be just like Angus Young.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The Hages

Made up of mum Debbie and her three daughters Karlya, Shelley, and Alicia, the Hages are ready to take their talent beyond their small South Australian hometown and share it with the country.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Micah and Maurice

This father-daughter duo has strong connections to the dancing industry, but here to try their hand at singing on The Voice stage.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Maureen and Crystal

Unlikely best friends, with a three-decade age gap – Maureen and Crystal have bonded over a love of timeless musical theatre.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Castlereagh Connection

Made up of David Senior, and his sons David Junior, Braydon and Travis, this family band have named themselves after the Castlereagh River, where their family has lived for generations. With mum Lisa as their acting roadie, these boys are headed to the big smoke for a huge gig.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The Sulli-Vans

Travelling nomads and family members, Dad Kevin is bringing kids Ky and Cha Cha to the competition to show what they’re made of.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The Wenas

The Wenas are a fun-loving family of six who live, sing, dress, and party all together. With their Congolese heritage influencing their household – music at home is a way of life.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The O’Donnells

The O’Donnells are a seven-part, three generation family band, with a long lineage of musicianship behind them. While Grandpa John’s parents were both OAM recipients for their contribution to the arts, three-year-old Amy will be the youngest ever performer to take to The Voice stage. What a legacy!

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Bloom and James

Engaged couple Bloom and James are no strangers to performing, with their original tribute shows to Adele, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks and Carole King having already toured the country.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Jessica and Kelsi

Music teacher Kelsi is bringing her student, Jessica on to The Voice stage. After realising how much they have in common, the pair began to sing together – a move that has them headed onto national television.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Christine and Harry

Christine was still performing on stage a week before she gave birth to Harry, who was then singing in nappies and dancing by age two. Now the dynamic duo are stepping out of their Central Coast circuit to try their hand at TV.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Caitlin and Tim

Father-daughter duo Caitlin and Tim always support each other. While Tim supported Caitlin through the loss of her Olympic dreams, Caitlin is now Tim’s rock, helping him through his tough personal battles. Music brings them closer than ever.

WATCH: The Voice Generations | Caitlin and Tim

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The Voice Generations premieres on January 31st on Channel Seven.

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