Meet the hot singles of Too Hot To Handle season two

What will Lana make of them?
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When the first season of Too Hot To Handle dropped on Netflix, we were in the middle of lockdown and longing for a tropical island escape. And now, it’s time for season two!

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The show follows 10 smoking hot, sexually active singles from around the world who are plonked on a tropical island with the chance to win a $100,000 prize.

The only catch is that they’re under constant surveillance by Lana, an Alexa-style personal assistant and if there’s any kissing, heavy-petting or sex in the group, the prize money gets docked.

Too Hot To Handle drops on the streaming giant on June 23 2021 and after the drama of last year, we bet you’re dying to get to know this year’s contestants.

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Meet the cast of Too Hot To Handle season two! (Credit: Netflix)

Cam, 24

Hailing from Newport, South Wales, Cam is a model and personal trainer who admits he has commitment issues with women.

However, he’s also a self-confessed nerd and fan of Lord of the Rings. How precious!

Model and personal trainer Cam. (Credit: Netflix)

Carly, 24

Model and party girl Carly is from Toronto, Canada. A former competitive dancer, the blonde bombshell is a self-proclaimed “man-eater”.

“I’m excited (and nervous) for you all to watch me on this series but nonetheless I wanna thank you all for your support! ❤️ wahooooootttttt,” she wrote on Instagram.

Carly is a self-proclaimed “man-eater”. (Credit: Netflix)

Chase, 24

Tall, dark and handsome Chase is a professional football player from Arizona, USA.

He also has (in his words) a sex-drive that’s 100 out of 10 so hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite him on the show. 

Chase’s sex drive is 100 out of 10, in his words. (Credit: Netflix)

Emily, 27

Multilingual London lady Emily is the “life and soul” of any party always gets what she wants.

The model is a heartbreaker, but will she have a taste of romance?

Can Emily find love? (Credit: Netflix)

Kayla, 26

Growing up in a strict household meant Kayla’s wild side came out when she left home.

The model and bartender loves a bad boy and says she’s never been rejected and is her happiest at the beach, whether she’s tanning, surfing, or sussing out talent. 

Kayla says she’s never been rejected. (Credit: Netflix)

Larissa, 28

We may not have an Aussie this year but this year we have a Kiwi in the mix!

The Auckland-based lawyer loves getting attention, so much so that her friends call her Tinkerbell, as she loves the guys to be obsessed with her.

Larissa’s friends call her Tinkerbell because of her love of attention. (Credit: Netflix)

Marvin, 26

This model and influencer is flying in from none other than Paris, France but he’s not just a pretty face.

Marvin is also a former professional basketball player, has a master’s degree and started his own concierge business.

Parisian model and influencer Marvin has many layers. (Credit: Netflix)

Melinda, 28

New York model Melinda is one of 16 children but she has no problem standing out in a crowd. In fact, she has a knack for keeping men in sight like a “predator on the hunt”.

You can expect to see my many different wardrobe changes and my 5 different wigs lol,” she laughed on Instagram.

Melinda has a knack for keeping men in sight like a “predator on the hunt”. (Credit: Netflix)

Nathan, 27

Originally from the UK, former stripper Nathan moved to Texas, USA and is something of a womaniser after having his heart broken.

Aside from the ladies, Nathan is mad for country music as well.

Forget Magic Mike, meet former stripper Nathan. (Credit: Netflix)

Peter, 21

New York personal trainer Peter is the youngest of the group boasts and also a TikTok influencer who gets up to 200 DMs per day from his admirers.

He’s a mama’s boy at heart too and has a passion for astrology. What’s written in the stars for him?

Peter is a personal trainer and TikTok influencer. (Credit: Netflix)
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