Dyson launch new hair technology today

Meet the game-changer in hair tool technology.
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This multi-tasking tool is all your hair goals answered in one leather-bound box. There are eight styling attachments to achieve your ultimate mane makeover. Want bouncy beach waves, pick up the Airwrap barrel. Want a salon-worthy blow out, your go-to attachment is the round volumizing brush…and the options go on and on….

(Credit: Dyson)
round brush
(Credit: Dyson)

What I love best about this revolutionary new tool is that it works best on damp hair. Simply use the mini hair dryer attachment to rough dry your hair to the desired level of dryness for styling, then choose your topper.

(Credit: Dyson)

What Dyson does best is air flow technology, and this tool is no exception. It uses air flow through the attachments to style the hair, allowing wet to dry styling sans extreme temperatures. It is a little pricey ($699), but when you think of the amount of styling tools you get for your dollar, and all in one kit, it is well, well worth it.

(Credit: Dyson)

As a self-confessed hair disaster, I was sceptical when I sat down to try this and when faced with the Airflow barrel, I was a little hesitant at first. Step in Celebrity hair stylist, Peter Thompsen, to put me at ease with his fool-proof tips.

 First I spritzed my hair so it was about 20% damp, then Thompsen got me to grab a section of hair, take the barrel behind the hair, turn on the airflow and voila…it grabbed my hair and spun it towards my scalp. Sounds scary, but it definitely is not and it didn’t tangle or pull hair even slightly. I left it for about 10 seconds, then shot the cool air button for a further 10 seconds and then switched it off and pulled the barrel downwards.

(Credit: Dyson)

The results? A perfect natural looking curl. Albeit a few failed attempts followed, but Thompsen refused to let me give up before I nailed it, and it was so easy after a few tries.

 I normally don’t like my hair curled as I never quite get the effortless beach wave, I normally look like I am trying too hard, but this was the first time I actually got those much sought after Sienna Miller waves that I have desired for oh-so-long…

 Head to  for more info and to see where your nearest pop up store is located.

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