Shine on! How to create and maintain glossy tresses for the party season

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There may be 139,000 #glossyhair posts on Instagram, but without the benefit of ring lights and virtual filters, many of us struggle to achieve the level of shine we’d love with our locks.

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Aside from thinning and greys, dullness is one of the most common hair concerns – and pollution, heat styling and hard water don’t help.

Tasma Walton, Tegan Martin and Melissa Leong (pictured at the AACTAs) know a thing or two about creating stunning glossy hair. (Credit: Getty)

There are, however, some simple things you can do at home to promote glossier locks (and boost hair health in the process), so we asked Hollywood hairstylist and HASK ambassador Cheryl Marks to share her top tips.

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“Don’t be afraid of oils!‘” says Marks. If oils have been too heavy for your locks in the past, stick to trusted argan oil.

Often touted as “liquid gold”, it‘s a long-standing favourite in the realm of beauty and is a saviour for dry and damaged hair.

‘‘Oils can be used on wet or dry hair to create a look, but where most people go wrong is applying too much,‘‘ says Marks.

“I always rub a five-cent piece amount in my hand to warm it up and work the oils from root to ends, making the hair sleek and shiny and removing flyaways naturally.“

So start small and add as you need.

Shine oil
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The best hair shine product is apparently one we make ourselves.

“Your hair’s natural oils are the best moisturiser and shine booster,” Marks says.

To use them to your full advantage, “brushing your hair from root to tip is a great way to loosen up excess oil at the scalp and bring it down the hair strands where hair tends to be dryer and need it the most”, Marks adds.

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