The genius trick that will make your faux tan look more natural and last longer

So that's how the Instagram stars do it!

Fake tanning has come a mighty long way in recent years with brand new products meaning our golden (faux) glow not only looks entirely natural, it feels it too. Oh – and those nasty chemical smells? They’re a thing of the past too – thank goodness.

Still, if you want your tan to look perfect and for as long as possible, there are a few tips and tricks to consider.

Social media stars are always golden, glowing perfection. One of the reasons why? They tan only the areas of the body they plan to expose.

That way they saved oodles of time and also money (because less product obviously).

Not hitting the beach or stripping down to your smalls? Then maybe consider applying your faux tan to the areas you (and others) will see. Say, arms and lower legs for example.

Elyse Knowles
Wowzers. Elyse Knowles and that tan. (Image: Instagram/@Elyseknowlzy)

Want your golden glow to last and last? Take it easy with the scrubbing dry – that goes for post bath and shower and also, dip in the sea.

Scrub too hard and you will effectively remove that glorious tan. Instead, pat dry. It’s equally as effective, maintains your tan and is better for your skin. #Winning

Don’t forget the areas of the body that you can’t see. Say, your back and / or the backs of the legs. Sure, you won’t see that they’re ghostly pale but everyone else will.

If these areas are hard to reach, buy a back extension mitt. Yep – they exist! Or, enlist the help of a friend.

Finally, moisturise daily. Richly hydrated skin will hold that faux glow for longer and, it will look and feel better too.

Looking for brand new tanners to try? We love Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Foam, $22.99. This light, self-tanning foam dries in seconds, develops over two to three hours and lasts for up to a week. We’re also mad for St Tropez’s Self Tan Express Sheet Mask, $12.99. This clever mask provides radiant, glowing golden skin in just five minutes.

Bondi Sands
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Foam – it really is liquid gold. (Image: Supplied.)
St Tropez
And for the face – St Tropez’s Bronzing Face Sheet Mask. A definite winner. (Image: Supplied.)

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