Five ways to improve your skin while you sleep

Go to bed and wake up fresher than ever!
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Imagine if you could go to sleep and wake up looking more youthful and radiant than you did the day before. Well, turns out you can.

All you need to do is learn a few beauty sleep rules and that perfect-skin fantasy can (and will) very quickly become reality.

According to cosmetic physician Dr Phoebe Jones the following healthy sleeping habits will see you more rested and relaxed plus transform your complexion and also help you prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Hurrah to that!

Learn to sleep on your back

“For those side sleepers, learning to sleep on your back can be quite difficult but some people are able to learn to retrain themselves,” says Dr Jones.

There are a back-sleeping pillows that you can buy that cradle the head and prevent you from turning to your side. For some people, placing a pillow under the knees as well can make back sleeping more comfortable as it puts the hip flexors in a more relaxed position and also prevents you from rolling to the side while asleep.

Sleeping woman and dog
Sleeping with a pal can be fun. (Image: Getty.)

Upgrade your pillowcase

If sleeping on your back is just not a possibility, you can still prevent those pillowcase-induced wrinkle lines by upgrading from a cotton pillowcase to silk. The slippery surface of silk pillowcases causes less friction between your face and the pillowcase, helping to stop the bunching of the fabric that causes the deep creases.

Lather on a night cream

It is incredibly important to take care of your skin with good quality skincare products. “I recommend a product that contains hyaluronic acid to help plump and firm the skin and/or retinol as the Vitamin A derivate stimulates collagen to prevent fine lines,” says Dr Jones.

“Using appropriate cosmeceuticals to provide the skin its moisture during sleep is essential to keep wrinkles at bay.”

Silk pillowcase
Try a silk pillowcase like this one from Slip. (Image: Instagram/@Slipsilkpillowcase)

Use silicon sheets

“Silicon sheeting is genius for sleep lines,” says Dr Jones.

Despite them not been the most attractive thing to wear to bed they certainly work their magic! Personally, I quite like the ones for the décolletage, forehead and eye areas. If you don’t want to use them all the time, you can just use them in the week leading up to an event and they will give a softening effect to fine lines,” she says. We like Wrinkles Schminkles medical grade silicon pads. Get The Chest Revival Kit, $99.95. During March all proceeds go to Pink Hope.

Silicon beauty pads
Wrinkles? Schminkles! (Image: Supplied.)

Consider laser therapy and hyaluronic acid injectables

If you are looking to improve the state of lines that have formed from years spent sleeping on your side then laser therapy or injectables are the most effective methods, says Dr Jones.

Both Fraxel and other CO2 lasers can be good to help rid yourself of lines and improve the general skin quality by boosting collagen production while hyaluronic acid injectables add volume to specific areas,” said Dr Jones.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine from The University of Sydney in 2011, Dr Jones has worked as both a clinician and a researcher. Dr Jones currently practises at Concept Cosmetic Medicine.

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