Get the most out of your next hair appointment with a low-maintenance colour

Amongst the rising cost of living and transition into Winter, we're going back to natural.
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Sometimes a hair change can seem like the answer to all life’s problems. At least, the uptake in DIY fringe cuts seems to point towards this philosophy.

Experiencing a break-up? Dye your hair. New job? Time for a chop. Stressed out? Yeah, could go for the curtain bangs. It’s a flawless theory…

While experimental hair cuts and styles continue to thrive in 2023, it seems as if the trend cycle is moving towards the more natural options. While the ever-coveted blonde will not be going anywhere, accompanying the rising cost of living, low-maintenance colour seems to be all the rage.

Sticking closer to the natural hair colour, low-maintenance colour allows the client to stretch out the time between their hair appointments – ultimately, saving them money and time in the long run.

WATCH: Sammy Robinson dyes her hair dark brown. Article continues after video.

As we transition into the cooler months, albeit very slowly, preserve the health of your hair (and wallet) with an easily maintainable hair change!

Consulting with Wella Colour Educator and founder of Que Hair Salon Sydney Monique McMahon, we’ve rounded up the best colour recommendations and styling tips for beautiful, yet low-maintenance, hair.

As a hair trend queen herself, McMahon is all across the latest and greatest looks, from hairline highlights to the iconic (and voluminous) butterfly cut.

McMahon’s salon is responsible for Jade Tunchy’s glossy and natural hair colour. (Credit: Instagram/@quecolour)

In-Salon: Solid Colour

Solid colour does not have to be dull and boring! As we see more people revert back to basics, McMahon agrees that “solid, all over colour is going to be huge”.

“It will still need to reflect light with lots of gorgeous gloss, but we’ll see more of that solid finish. This will be a combination of balayage and babylights melting together – it’s bringing those two together and creating what the consumer would see as a solid colour, but it is still multi-tonal with lots of variation within,” she continued.

Thus, with imperceptible balayage and babylights for added dimension, you can get the most out of your salon visit – no need for frequent visits!

Styling Techniques

Give your hair that salon look at home while preserving your hair health. McMahon, who is a fan of the bouncy blow-out, opts for a natural boar brush, which she uses while drying the hair.

“I’m loving the natural boar bristle brush movement as it leaves the hair looking super glossy and shiny while still bouncy with lots of volume,” McMahon says.

For a more in-depth tutorial, click here for our ultimate guide to the at-home blowout.

Zendaya’s been rocking a blowout look on her fresh bob. (Credit: Instagram)

At-home maintenance

To preserve your hair colour, McMahon recommends investing in your hair routine.

“You want to be masking, sometimes if your hair has had a double hit of colour, you want to be double masking! A mask through the roots and the mid ends is great to combat any oiliness or flakiness, while a mask on the lengths and ends will hydrate and condition,” she said.

“The Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask is one of my favourites.”


Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask, $37.50 at Look Fantastic


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