Former MAFS bride Connie hits back at online trolls

Killing them with kindness.
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She was known as the shy introvert during the 2020 season of Married At First Sight but Connie Crayden is hitting back at the online trolls who have messaged her to criticise her physical appearance.

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On Wednesday, the former reality star, who has been sporting a chic new look since her season of MAFS ended, shared two photos of herself sans makeup smiling for the camera.

However she also uploaded a series of screenshots from followers that bullied her about her acne and teeth with one troll even suggesting that her ex TV husband Jonethen Musulin “deserves better.”

The online hate didn’t stop Connie from radiating positivity though and her caption was the perfect comeback.

“This is my friendly reminder that despite the fact we live in an ugly world on social media filled with hateful trolls remember that no matter what size or shape you and you’re beautiful features have just keep smiling and be confident in who you are ❤❤ love u x,” she penned.

“Remember that no matter what size or shape you and you’re beautiful features have just keep smiling and be confident in who you are.” (Credit: Instagram)

Marine biology student Connie also thanked her fans for their kind words and personal messages in the wake of the trolling.

“Side note – after I posted that story last night my inbox was BOMBARDED with so much positivity and love 🌻 again, I’m so grateful for this community. You guys are so good ❤,” she sweetly commented on her post.

Many former reality TV stars jumped to Connie’s defence and praised her for rising above the hateful talk.

“I love you! You’re so beautiful,” penned Connie’s co-star Aleks Markovic.
Connie was branded as the shy introvert on MAFS 2020. (Credit: Nine)

“It’s so sad to think that people have this hate within themselves that they project onto others who are just trying to go about their beautiful lives. You obviously have an impact on their lives which they can’t stand. You are so beautiful in every single way. Ps you should see my skin atm,” commented former Bachelor winner Chelsie McLeod.

Ex MAFS groom Dino Hira remarked: “And yet, you choose to rise above all the hate. The hate only comes as a result of one of these: Jealousy, their own Inner Demons/Reflection, and the easiest way to unleash built up Anger or Frustration. Notice how none of these are to do with You. Keep being you my beautiful friend. Rise like a Sunflower among weeds 🌻 #notobullying 💟🙏.”

“Connie you are seriously one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. In every way. Never forget that. Love you (and Skyla) to the moon and back,” Bachelor in Paradise star Jessica Brody commented.

“Good on honey! Some people are just awful souls but just remember that heaps more people will always love & support you!” added season five MAFS bride Sarah Jane Roza.

Since her reality TV experience, Connie has been living her best life. (Credit: Instagram)

Though she’s still single, Connie has been living her best life since her reality TV journey ended.

Not only has she been experimenting with all sorts of hair transformations, but the Melbourne-based beauty is also a proud dog mum to adopted greyhound, Skylar.

“The most valuable lesson I learnt from this experience is the importance of self-worth,” she wrote on Instagram after she dumped her groom Jonethen at the final vows ceremony.

“I had such low self-esteem coming into this experiment, and throughout the journey, I was trying to give my love to someone who didn’t want it when in hindsight I should have been giving all that love to myself. Ultimately you don’t find your worth in another person you find it within yourself and then you may find someone worthy of you. And always remember the only love and approval you need is from yourself.”

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