Mila Kunis just chopped her hair and wow

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Actress Mila Kunis is a famed beauty but the Hollywood A-Lister doesn’t mix it up much.

Indeed, the 35-year-old star of the cult flick Bad Moms, has worn her hair the same length and the same rich chocolate hue for as long as we can remember.

But, the mama of two (she’s married to Ashton Kutcher with whom she shares a daughter and a son), has undergone a transformation and chopped her long brunette locks into a lob – that is, a long bob.

Not surprisingly, she looks amazing.

Mila Kunis
Long but short but also AMAZING. (Image: Instagram/@Renatocampora)

Mila’s hair was chopped by her long-time stylist and friend Renato Campora who shared several sweet snaps of his star client post cut.

The responses came in thick and fast with the vast majority loving Mila’s new look.

An occasional comment suggested she could have gone even shorter, but still praised the cut and style on the whole.

Mila Kunis
From the side, just in case you missed how gorgeous it is! (Image: Instagram/@Renatocampora)

We have to admit we feel a little similarly.

Sure, this is a lob – but only just. And we’d love to see Mila switch it up that little bit more.

Having said that, the woman looks incredible with hair at this length and, as a busy working mum of two, it’s like an easy length to manage.

Mila Kunis
Mila K – a long bob. IE: A lob. And a lovely one at that. (Image: Instagram/@Renatocampora)

After all, a lob is long enough to wear out and look beautiful and yet short enough to ensure maintenance isn’t overwhelming.

And most important of all, it’s a length that Mila can still sweep back into a ponytail. And as all busy women will attest – that counts and in a big way!

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