Hijab-wearing model makes history at Melbourne Fashion Festival

Muslim woman challenges cultural stereotypes and we're so here for it!
Image: Getty.

History is being made at the 2019 Melbourne Fashion Festival with the first-ever hijab-wearing models sweeping down the runway.

Hanan Ibrahim has been modelling full-time for just one month but she’s already kicking goals and big ones – her turn down the festival runway being one of them.

Hanan has modelled for designer Lisa Gorman and worn a traditional Muslim headscarf while doing so, accordingly taking a giant step forward for diversity and inclusion in the fashion world.

Not surprisingly, Hanan is both proud and delighted by her latest role.

She is hopeful that her being on the catwalk while wearing a hijab will help open doors for other Muslim women wanting to get involved in the fashion industry in Australia.

“Australia is known for being a multicultural country and living in Melbourne you feel that,” she told SBS News.

“But in the fashion industry you don’t see it. So I hope to break down some stereotypes and break down some boundaries that some Muslims feel boxed in to.”

Muslim model
Happy to be wearing a hijab and breaking down stereotypes for others. (Image: SBS News.)

The model attends her shows with a bag filled with hijabs so that designers can choose which ones might suit their fashion line, but in general, they have chosen to design and create scarves just for Hanan to wear.

“I have a bag I normally bring with me, of all the different colour hijabs I have and the stylists and designers pick one to match the outfit,” she told SBS News.

“But the majority of the designers I’m walking for this week have actually custom made hijabs for me. I was blown away.”

Muslim model
Hanan – modelling for Lisa Gorman. (Image: Getty.)

With her fine features and perfect almond-shaped eyes, Kenyan-born Hanan looks right at home on the catwalk. Her stride is long and her grace is undeniable.

She’s every inch the elegant model – the only difference between her and her fellow clothes-horses is of course the hijab. Hopefully, her presence on the catwalk will help to normalise the wearing of the scarf and also, provide other young Muslim women inspiration.

“I really hope to inspire other young Muslim women who are wearing the hijab, who love fashion, that there is a place for us,” said Hanan.

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