Pamela Anderson’s signature updo is achieved with underwear!

According to Anderson, it's a "trick of the trade".
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Pamela Anderson is THE 90’s bombshell. Best known for her modelling work and role as C.J. Parker in hit-TV series Baywatch, she has continued to forge her own path in spite of the adversity she’s faced. Reclaiming her voice in Hollywood, the actress retells her rise to fame in her newly-released Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story.

After a tumultuous journey in the spotlight, Anderson has taken charge of her narrative and, amongst it all, continues to share pearls of beauty wisdom. 

While she’s responsible for so many iconic 90’s beauty trends, one of her most coveted looks is her effortless-looking, voluminous bun. Despite looking effortless, however, her top knot can be anything but. Here, with the advice of an international hairstylist and Anderson herself, we break down the look into six easy steps.

WATCH: Pamela Anderson reveals she uses underwear in her signature updo. Article continues after video.

In a ‘handbag tour’ video with British Vogue, Anderson pulled a thong out of her Stella McCartney purse and revealed, “this is the trick of the trade”.

Forget hairbands when you have underwear!

“The tousled updo always had a pair of panties in them,” Anderson said.

As shocking as it may seem, there’s actually a method to this madness! Here, we show you how to accomplish the look.

Pamela’s iconic updo will continue to be recreated. (Credit: Getty)

The key to Pam’s iconic hair is VOLUME. Considering this, hair prep is imperative. International hairstylist and founder of KYK Hair Care Kristina Youssef, has shared her top Pamela Anderson hair prep tips.

1. Apply volume mousse on damp hair to add natural lift. While styling, blow wave the hair so it flicks out at the ends.

O&M Rootalicious Root Lift (Credit: a-beauty)

O&M Rootalicious Root Lift, $39.95 at a-beauty


2. In thin layers at the crown of the head, apply volume powder and backcomb with a teasing brush.

KYK Magic Dust Volume Powder (Credit: AMR Hair & Beauty)

KYK Magic Dust Volume Powder, $33.35 at AMR Hair & Beauty


3. Apply a lightweight hair oil to the fingertips and work into the ends of the hair to give the “separation look”.

KYK Mist-ique (Credit: KYK Hair Care)

KYK Mist-ique, $50 at AMR Hair & Beauty


Now, on to the fun part! 

4. With you hair all prepped, grab a clean pair of underwear (a ‘la Pamela Anderson) and scoop your hair into a messy knot. Loop your makeshift elastic around the hair until it is secure.

5. Fluff out the top knot and secure, if needed, with u-shaped pins.

6. Pull out any face framing hairs and finish with a hair spray.

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Normal Hold (Credit: Chemist Warehouse)

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