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You know that feeling when you’re strolling down the perfume aisle of your favourite department store and you stop to get a whiff of all the different notes and scents to find one that’s just right for you?

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Picture that exact same feeling, only it’s been captured in a neat little box that sits on your doorstep waiting to be opened. That is, in essence, a perfume subscription.

Packed and sent right to you for convenience, perfume subscription boxes are the perfect way to try new scents and never run the risk of running out, as the automated system has only your best interest in mind.

While we love to shop at the store, it’s not always an option and there’s nothing worse than reaching out for one final spritz of your favourite perfume – the finishing touch for your look – only to come up empty.

To avoid as such, we’ve found and gathered some of the best perfume subscriptions in Australia to delight your inner fragrance fanatic and have you smelling fine all month long.

The best perfume subscriptions in Australia


One designer fragrance, $25.69 per month, Scent Box

Choose one designer fragrance from over 600 options to be delivered to you monthly for a 30-day supply (that’s 125 sprays if you do the math).



Scent Club Box, approx. $50 per month, Cratejoy

Each month you’ll get a themed collection of several new, limited-edition scents to fit the season, as well as a travel-friendly perfume roller and two to three other scented surprises delivered to your door.



Perfume Of The Month by Brand Names, $21.80 per month,

Treat yourself to new designer scents every month after choosing which fragrances you want to receive, or let the experts select the best-selling scents for you.


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