Elly Miles and Bella Varelis are leading the pink hair dye trend

And we are so on board.
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When it comes to dyeing your hair, sometimes it’s fun to shake things up with a pop of colour.

WATCH BELOW: Bella Varelis reveals pink hair after teasing a big reveal

Big names including Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez may have jumped on the white blonde train, but there’s another colour that’s emerged that we reckon is the ultimate one for Aussie winter.

We first noticed it on former Bachelorette Elly Miles who over the weekend revealed to her Instagram fans and followers that she’d had her hair dyed a pretty pastel pink.

What a moment!!!” exclaimed one of the reality star’s followers in the transformation video’s comments’ section.

“Omg yes ! I wanna do this,” stated another.

2020 Bachelorette Elly debuted her new pink hair over the weekend. (Credit: Instagram)

It wasn’t long before another Bachelor alum took the pink plunge as well.

After initially sparking pregnancy rumours, season eight runner-up Bella Varelis showed off her pastel pink fringe via her Instagram Stories.

Though many were frustrated by Bella’s social media clickbait (in Clementine Ford’s words, “Seriously though, this is how you would script a skit with an influencer”), you have to admit the rosy hue looked good.

Another Bachelor contestant takes the pink plunge! (Credit: Instagram)

If you, like us, are tempted to go pink there are some important steps to consider before stocking up on hair dye. 

First off, unless you have blonde or light hair, you will most likely have to bleach your locks and decide if you’re going pastel or bright.

“If you have a light blond tone, pastels are a perfect way to keep your hair light and add in color. If your hair is more of a honey blond or darker, I’d recommend steering away from pastels, since the colour won’t show up as well,” hair colourist Aura Friedman told Glamour.

“Instead, look for jewel tones, which will really pop, especially if your hair is highlighted. For dark hair, I would recommend rich winter colours. It won’t necessarily dye your hair completely but instead will give you a glow if you are in bright lights or natural sunlight.”

Ideally, going to a salon and having a professional work their magic is the best option but if you feel like DIYing it, there are some products out there that will do the trick.

(Credit: Schwarzkopf)

Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastels Cotton Candy Pink, $4.99, available at Chemist Warehouse.


GOOD DYE YOUNG Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Lighter Daze Pink Puff, $24.99, available at Priceline.

(Credit: Manic Panic)

Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink, $20.95, available on Beserk.

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