Swimsuit model Camille Kostek slams body-shaming trolls

"These people are S*&T"
Image: Instagram/@Camillekostek

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Camille Kostek has been brutally trolled after sharing a snap of herself in a bikini. The model and dancer initially ignored the haters, but eventually she returned to social media to share some of the more vicious comments and reveal just how much they hurt her.

Camille, who is the partner of New Englands Patriots player Rob Gronkowski, shared the pic of herself in a high-waisted neon green bikini while on holiday in Cabo.

She thought she looked good in the image and we have to agree. But the body-shaming trolls of the internet world did not. 

Camille was compared to a giraffe, a hippo, told she needed to hit the gym and find a good doctor. One commenter simply called her gross. Another referred to her as a ‘wide load’.

She was accused of being an attention-seeker and told to get over herself when she announced the cruel barbs hurt. But she fought back – saying she would not let this kind of bullying bring her down, at least not for long.

Camille Kostek
The picture that caused the trolls to come out. (Image: Instagram/@Camillekostek)

She then shared a video she took a week prior. In the heart-breaking video she was weeping while reading through the nasty remarks.

“I was having a weak moment and allowed some of the comments to get to me that night. I was very emotional,” she said.

“I would never and have never [before] picked up the phone and filmed myself crying, but I’m very happy that I have it because I’m able to look back on it and reflect and see how upset I was that these comments rattled me to the point that I was so hysterical. But I’m also able to look at that and see myself in so much pain, and realise that that was just a small moment in time and by people that I don’t give a f— about.”

Camille and Gronk
Camille and partner ‘Gronk’. (Image: Instagram/@Camillekostek)

Thankfully Camille announced she had no intention of altering her posts or the type of images she shares. She says she will continue to share shots of herself in her swimsuit – or less! And we’re so here for that.

Why anyone thinks all women must be stick thin and fit a certain body type is beyond us. Thankfully, it is also beyond many of Camille’s fans who took to her account to applaud her courage and to ask that she never change.

Camille Kostek
Camille wearing a Patriots shirt – her BF plays for the team. (Image: Instagram/@Camillekostek)

Many also thanked her for helping them to come to accept and love their own curves.

“I just really think something is wrong with our society, because I think u look absolutely amazing! These a-holes sit behind the anonymity of the web and tear down others to make themselves feel better? You have everything to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of! I had your body in my 20s and what I would give to have it back! Rock that body girl!,” wrote one.

And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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