Beauty trend: Why you need a powder puff in your life

Yet again, TikTok made us buy it.
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Nowadays, TikTok acts as beauty lovers’ first port of call when it comes to everything products, trends, and application methods.

The short form video platform is never short of inspiration and, due to its fast-paced nature, trends are ever-changing.

WATCH: The powder puff has taken off on TikTok. Article continues after video.

In the past two years, we’ve seen lip oils, the Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand, cream blush, the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip, and everything Cerave absolutely pop off. Thus, it comes as no surprise that another beauty trend is currently in circulation. We’re taking it back to the 50’s with this one…

The powder puff has made a comeback. The underrated makeup tool is here to stay- and it’ll have your skin and under eyes looking airbrushed. Unlike its origination in the 20th century, the powder puff has evolved. A sleek, velvet-y tool takes the place of its big, fluffy predecessor- and TikTok can’t get enough.

WATCH: How to use a powder puff. Article continues after video.

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Tapping the triangle-shaped puff into her loose powder, the video creator stamps the product onto the undereye for a flawless, crease-proof finish. Following its instant visible effect, the handy makeup tool has taken off on the platform.

Creative Director of Glam Raider, Bianca Fiebiger, says that TikTok has been a powerful tool in trend-creation.

“TikTok, in particular, has become a champion of the new school of beauty. All it takes is a quick snippet to inspire or elevate a look – a hidden gem of knowledge you never knew would make an impact,” she said.

“I love the rawness and honesty in content across the platform, and it’s those little tips that are the reason behind trends emerging so quickly.”

Glam Raider Beauty Triangle Powder Puff Pack (Credit: Glam Raider)

Glam Raider Beauty Triangle Powder Puff Pack, $12 at Glam Raider

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Unlike beauty blenders, the setting tool has a velvet finish, meaning powders can be picked up with ease and deposited on the skin for a more full-coverage look. Even better, the puffs are completely re-usable and can be washed (in the washing machine!) for continuous use.

WATCH: Further powder puff tips. Article continues after video.

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Fiebiger, who was one half of Glam Raider’s own triangle powder puff development, commented that the tool’s popularity can be attributed to its ease of use, budget friendliness, and smoothing effect.

“The triangle powder puff obsession came from a need to find an effective “IRL” filter to smooth and set under eyes. It requires almost no skill to make it work, all you need is setting power. It’s also a budget friendly tool with many uses.”

Here are some more powder puff options for a flawless makeup finish:

Beautyblender Pocket Powder Puff (Credit: Sephora)

Beautyblender Pocket Powder Puff, $25 at Sephora

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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Setting Powder Puff (Credit: Adore Beauty)

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