These scarf styling hacks will have you ready for Autumn

Keep warm while staying stylish.
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Scarf weather is upon us! Well, partially at least. 

The incoming cold chill has encouraged many to drag out their Winter clothing and dust off their blanket cupboards. As the cool season starts to creep into our closets, layering will be your best friend.

Easily removable layers are the perfect go-to when transitioning between the chilly outdoors and heated interiors. And we decree the scarf officially back for the year!

WATCH: 3 ways to style a scarf. Article continues after video.

The versatile accessories are both practical and stylish. Whether it be a pop of colour, texture, or warmth you’re seeking, the scarf can deliver.

Available in a variety of colours, textures, lengths and shapes, the multipurpose fashion piece can also be styled in a variety of ways, taking your Winter fashion game to the next level.

1. Secured double-tail

Two-tail scarf styling. (Credit: Getty)

Perfect for more blustery days, this style is perfect for longer scarves. To achieve this secure, two-tailed look, start with the tail end of your scarf hanging on one shoulder, with the remainder wrap once around your neck and bring the leftover tail piece across your other shoulder. Finally, secure the two tail ends of the scarf by tucking them into the central neck covering.

Country Road Woven Wool Scarf (Credit: Country Road)

Country Road Woven Wool Scarf, $99.95 at Country Road


2. Tossed over the shoulder

The over-the-shoulder scarf toss exudes effortlessness. (Credit: Getty)

To add some length to your look, the over-the-shoulder scarf toss may just be your friend. Perfect when paired with a long coat, showcase a funky scarf pattern in style.

Rubi Phoebe Brushed Tassel Scarf (Credit: Cotton On)

Rubi Phoebe Brushed Tassel Scarf, $29.99 at Cotton On


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3. Knotted pull-through

The knotted pull-through presents an asymmetrical look. (Credit: Getty)

To achieve this asymmetrical look, start with your scarf folded in half (tail to tail). Hold both tails together with one hand and place your other hand in between the opposing two scarf pieces. Pull both ends to either side of your neck and thread the two tail ends into the open scarf loop. Pull through to secure. 

For further guidance on this style, refer to look three in the video above.

Piper Chunky Check Winter Scarf (Credit: Myer)

Piper Chunky Check Winter Scarf, $39.95 at Myer


4. Secured with a ring

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They’re the latest trend to hit the TikTok-sphere. Scarf rings are perfect to use with thinner, more fine materials. Generally associated with luxury silk scarves, the rings secure your accessory in place without the need for tying – plus they look cute! Thread both ends of your scarf into the ring and pull through to achieve your desired length.

LaMANERA Gold Vintage-style Scarf Ring (Credit: Etsy)

LaMANERA Gold Vintage-style Scarf Ring, $27.88 at Etsy


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