I’m Finally Drinking More Water In 2024 Thanks To This Simple Hack

Putting my emotional support water bottle to good use.

However cliche they may be, New Year’s resolutions serve a greater purpose. Whether it’s the decision to start journaling more or fitting in a Pilates class once or twice a week; they help us stay motivated towards our personal goals.

For me this year I’ve placed ‘drink more water’ relatively high on the list as it ties into several other goals I have; drinking less caffeine (goodbye sweet pick-me-up), working out more (Pilates, hot-girl walks, yoga – you name it) and getting more greens in my diet (health is wealth after all).

As you can see, they’re all interconnected. By taking away my usual morning coffee I now tend to grab a freshly made green juice to start my day (two in one!) and by being more active I’m slowly starting to drink more water. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, not necessarily. I’ll admit it’s hard not to give in to the temptation of grabbing a Diet Coke or making tea to give me something to sip on while I work, especially when the only alternative is my room-temp water-filled bottle sitting pathetically at my desk.

This got me thinking, however; how can I make my water more appealing? That’s when my fellow office pals – who also share with me the resolution of drinking more water in 2024 – introduced me to waterdrop.

waterdrop review
Water never looked so cute. (Credit: Supplied)

What Is Waterdrop?

If you haven’t heard of it (like I hadn’t up until very recently), waterdrop is a small dissolvable cube that’s packed with fruit and plant extracts to add an extra something to your water. The best part? It has zero sugar or caffeine (another two-in-one!).

Of course, it all sounded a little too good to be true – could this tiny little cube really help me drink more water? After unsuccessfully trying year after year? I had no choice but to give it a fair go, choosing the peppermint flavour as my first pick.

After popping the coin-sized cube into my water bottle, I let it dissolve before taking a hesitant first sip – I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly; would it be fizzy? Would I hate the flavour? Would it turn me off water for good?

Unsurprisingly, none of that happened. It was a sweet touch to my otherwise dull pool of water, and I liked it. A lot. This means we could move on to the next phase: would waterdrop actually help me drink more water? Or was I just caught up in the excitement of trying something new?

waterdrop review
There are six flavours to try in the taster pack. (Credit: Supplied)

Did Waterdrop Really Get Me To Drink More Water? The Results

To find the answers I decided to track my water intake. Nothing too crazy, but I stayed loyal to my 600mL water bottle and kept notice of how much I drank from it and how often I had to re-fill.

Before this, I would say I averaged drinking 700mL of water a day but to reach my goal of drinking more water this year I wanted a minimum of at least a litre – or to even aim for 1.5L if I could.

And so, each morning I popped a new flavoured cube into my water bottle and sipped with a purpose; to finish the whole thing and move on to the next.

By the end of the week, I had a new water-drinking routine; one bottle to sip from leisurely during the day while I worked, and another to gulp down while I worked out in the evening.

In total that puts me on 1.2L of water per day – clearly an improvement and, dare I say it, a milestone achieved. I was officially drinking more water in 2024.

waterdrop review
This tiny little cube is helping me drink more water. (Credit: Supplied)

Is Waterdrop Actually Good For You?

With each sip I took I could rest assured that – according to waterdrop’s website – each cube is made from “the finest fruit and plant extracts available” to give me a “sugar-free drink enriched with taste and vitamins”.

So, with natural ingredients, zero sugar and no artificial preservatives, I feel a little better about drinking more water – which is healthy in itself – but especially since it adds valuable vitamins to my diet.

Not only that, but I was enjoying switching it up each day and picking a new flavour from the Microdrink Taster Pack; blackberry elderberry, lime green coffee, mango cactus fruit, pomegranate goji berry, pineberry passion fruit and physalis peppermint.

The taster pack also has three hydration cubes per flavour, which if I did a little girl math, meant I could have two cubes a day for nine days, or one cube per day for 18 – not bad for $28. You can buy it now right here.

The only downside? I have to pee, like, all the time.

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