Why the internet is freaking out over this fitness blogger’s food photos on Instagram

People online are loving it!

With one swipe at your Instagram feed, it’s obvious that there is a number of fitness bloggers to aim to encourage “fitness” and health as such, however, not everyone is interested about realistic depictions. 

Well, one one fitness blogger has changed the game with her refreshing approach to using the medium to share useful calorie-based tips.

Meet London-based fitness blogger Lucy Mountain, she posts images of foods, both traditionally healthy and sugar-laden snacks which are shown side-by-side with a specific calorie count to help fans weigh out their options.

Mountain is working overtime, that’s right she currently looks after two accounts: The Fashion Fitness Foodie and theFFFeed. TheFFFeed includes food comparisons that are meant to encourage people to stop viewing foods as “healthy” or “unhealthy.” With these posts, Mountain shows us that the idea of what makes a healthy snack can be very skewed — and in many cases opting for junk food isn’t that much worse.

Checkout some of Mountain’s most popular photos below.

While some may claim it’s a little confronting to count calories constantly, in true Mountain style, the blogger has written a useful piece of information for anyone at any fitness level. “There’s no difference because the method you choose (if any) does not solely dictate the food you consume. It starts with you, and is influenced by many factors.”

And just what factors is she referring to? Mountain says it’s important to consider what you like to eat, what you don’t like to eat, your lifestyle, your goal, your moral stand point, and your income.

“Love you posts 😂😍 really good to really understand what we actually eat 😊,” one Instagram user wrote.

“That’s such a great way of looking at it,” another shared.

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