Abbie Chatfield leads backlash against celebrities attending Melbourne Cup

“I thought we were done with the races?”
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Abbie Chatfield has slammed celebrity appearances at horse races such as the Melbourne Cup, taking to Instagram to share her dismay at their continued acceptance. 

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The 27-year-old took to her Instagram stories on Sunday, calling out the celebrities and influencers who appeared at Derby Day at Flemington. 

“Guys, I thought we were done with the races,” the radio host said.

“I thought that wasn’t a thing anymore. Like, why are so many people going to the races? What the hell?”

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie took to her Instagram stories to share her dismay over endorsed celeb appearances. (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie took to her Instagram stories again after revealing she had received “snarky comments” from people asking if she was lashing out because she hadn’t been invited. 

“I was offered money to go. A lot of money,” she explained.

“And I said f**k no.”

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie attended the Australian Commercial Radio Awards. (Credit: Instagram)

She also set the record straight to her 432,000 followers that many celebrities and influencers get paid to attend. 

“I guess it isn’t obvious; I would never have thought that people get paid to go to the races,” she said.

“[But] people get paid. So as a whole, I would say influencers – as far as I’m aware – often aren’t getting paid, which for me is the weirdest part. If you aren’t getting paid, I don’t get why you’re going.

“It’s so random, it’s so weird … It isn’t even fun.”

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Abbie joins a growing number of people condemning racing – both due to concern over animal welfare and the emphasis the events place on gambling. 

While many famous faces attend Derby Day on Saturday, including Elsa Pataky, Alison Langdon and Erin Holland, Abbie instead chose to attend the 2022 Australian Commercial Radio Awards that evening. 

The radio presenter and podcast host wore a sheer pink gown to the event, which saw Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson inducted into Radio’s Hall of Fame. 

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