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FWAW is back!
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Farmer Wants A Wife Australia. It’s one of the most successful reality dating shows on Aussie screens, earning a legion of fans thanks to its (mostly) drama-free, authentic search for love which has resulted in numerous relationships, marriages and babies. 

It’s no surprise then, that the fan-fave show is back in 2023 and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. 

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With five new farmers and the promise of the most successful season yet, This year FWAW has teased all five contestants find a happily, ever after. 

And whilst we patiently wait for Easter Monday for the show to premiere, WHO sat down with Farmer Andrew to learn a bit more about him, his time on the show and what fans can expect. 

What inspired you to sign up for the show?

The time was right for me. Obviously living on a farm in a reasonably isolated part of the world, it’s not easy to meet people and I just thought the time is right to give something else a try. 

How did your friends and family react to telling them you would join the show?

It was all positive! Obviously, not a lot of people knew, it was actually only family that really knew and they were all positive and said ‘Yeah, go for it.’  To have them respond in a positive manner – that was a good thing.

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Meet Farmer Andrew! (Credit: Seven Network)

What inspired you to become a farmer and how did you get started in the industry?

I grew up on a farm and growing up in that environment and helping from a young age, being involved and helping out when I could… there was always an attraction to hopefully do something on the land again. I’m fortunate enough to have an opportunity to form a partnership with mum and dad. But growing up in that environment, it was ingrained in me. 

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“Living on a farm in a reasonably isolated part of the world, it’s not easy to meet people.” (Credit: Seven Network)

Looking at your time on the show what qualities do you look for in a partner? And how do you think those qualities would complement your life as a farmer?

I think the qualities I mainly look for is someone who’s open, honest and trustworthy – that’s a good start. Someone that’s respectful and then someone that likes the outdoors and the adventure that comes with living on the land. Someone that has an adventurous spirit or just someone who can genuinely enjoy one another’s company. It can be a tough existence at times. It’s seven days a week, so I guess someone that understands that things don’t always go to plan on the land. And just someone who’s positive and can see the bright side, I think that’s very important as well.

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“I think the qualities I mainly look for is someone who’s open, honest and trustworthy.” (Credit: Seven Network)

How do you balance the demands of life as a farmer with your personal life and interests?

I’m very mindful now, I spent a lot of time on the farm – I had to improve a lot and my focus and energy was in that direction. And then obviously, we went through a drought period and with running livestock, you can’t leave for extended periods. But I started improving this place to a point now where I can spend more time and focus on having a relationship as well. Now I can find time to relax, I’ve just got to be mindful to continue that. It’s easy to get caught up in work on the farm. You’ve just got to remember that you need to relax and remember to spend time and enjoy someone else’s company.

Farmer Wants A Wife premieres Monday, April 10, 2023. The season will be available to watch and stream on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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