Married At First Sight’ Rhyce Power addresses that sex tape

The x-rated leak has been circulating.
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Married At First Sight Australia fans frothed over Jessika Power’s strapping big brother Rhyce Power.

Well, there’s been a whole lot of incognito browsing because rumour has it that he has a sex tape lurking the dark corners of the internet.  

Just a visual reminder below as to why you may want to see Rhyce with kit off.  

He’s since clarified they’re actually photos.

And Rhyce Power tells the Daily Mail that he has “nothing to be ashamed of”.

“The only [nude] pictures I have sent have been to partners or girls I was seeing.”

“Being young and in a sexual relationship, who hasn’t sent nude photos to each other? It keeps the sexual tension going when you’re not together.”

“I’ve nothing to be ashamed of, it was my part time job for six years.”

That job – part time stripper.

Rhyce told The Kyle and Jackie O Show that he’s received 7,240 messages on Instagram, including requests from modelling agencies and TV shows.

“I didn’t know how to take it.”

We’d recommend start by accepting. 

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