Ella breaks her silence after Kyle and Jackie O showed her Jackson’s OnlyFans video

“It was pretty f—ked up, I’ll be honest."
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Ella Ding has broken her silence after Olivia Frazer claimed radio hosts Kyle Sandliands and Jackie O Henderson distributed private OnlyFans content from her boyfriend, Jackson Lonie’s account. 

WATCH: Kyle and Jackie O discuss Jackson Lonie’s OnlyFans video

Ella and fellow MAFS bride Domenica Calarco were in the Kyle and Jackie O Show studio on June 9 to promote their new podcast, Sit With Us, when Kyle asked if the pair had seen footage of Olivia performing a sex act on Jackson in a video believed to be made for Jackson’s OnlyFans account.

He then played the clip in studio for them to see, sparking shocked reactions from both women before Kyle and Jackie O described the clip in some detail.

Kyle claimed that he did not pay for the content, but that it was sent in, Jackie adding: “It’s on the internet.”

Now Ella has broken her silence on the shocking stunt, saying that neither she nor Domenica condoned the radio hosts’ actions.

WATCH: Ella Ding breaks her silence on Kyle And Jackie O’s OnlyFans stunt

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“Yeah look, that was pretty crazy, obviously Kyle and Jackie O are known to be pretty crazy and go to extreme lengths to get shock reactions,” she said.

“It was pretty f—ked up, I’ll be honest. Dom and I did not agree with the way that went down at all.”

There is no evidence to suggest that Domenica or Ella had any prior knowledge about the segment, nor that they were involved in sharing the video.

Olivia lashed out when the radio segment first aired, taking to Instagram to slam Kyle and Jackie O for being “hypocritical”.

WATCH BELOW: Olivia Frazer slams Kyle and Jackie O over OnlyFans content

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“Just me wondering why Kyle and Jackie O thought it would be a good idea to distribute mine and Jackson’s private video that is meant to be protected behind a paywall and shame us for it and make fun of us for it … don’t you think that’s a bit hypocritical?” she said.

“Isn’t that why everyone hates me because I allegedly did that? I didn’t, but that’s what people think I did,” she added.

“It’s disgusting, people should be ashamed of themselves.”

Olivia claims the segment was hypocritical, given that she was called out on the most recent season of Married At First Sight for allegedly distributing private images from Domenica’s OnlyFans account, which she had before the show.

Since filming ended, Olivia and Jackson, who met and got together on the series, have each started an OnlyFans account, and also make and distribute content together.

Olivia appeared to be in great distress over the distribution of the video.

Jackson and Olivia have both joined OnlyFans since wrapping up MAFS. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’ve been trying really hard, especially lately, just to rise above, take the high road, live in peace and kindness and I try not to speak of negative things but … for Kyle and Jackie O to pull out from behind a pay wall what Jackson and I do, and ridicule it, and shame us for it, when I’ve shouted from the rooftops … I’m not okay,” Olivia told the camera.

“I’ve barely survived MAFS, and I don’t need to be shamed and have more hate and vitriol perpetuated towards me, especially from arguably one of the biggest shows in Australia,” she said.

“What is wrong with people?”

WHO has reached out to The Kyle and Jackie O Show for comment.

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