Ricki-Lee Coulter’s ‘interesting’ birthday breakfast

Her husband's chef skills are questionable to say the least!
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Whenever Ricki-Lee Coulter shares a photo with her husband Richard Harrison on Instagram, it’s picture perfect to say the least. When it comes to Richard’s cooking, however, things aren’t as visibly pleasing.

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The Australian Idol alum, who turns 35 today, took to Instagram to share a clip of the breakfast her husband whipped up for her special day.

Posting to her Instagram Stories, Ricki-Lee’s video showed a banana cut into four, a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and a spoonful of what appears to be a chocolate spread.

“So Richard cooked me breakfast for my birthday and he wants to know if it’s good presentation,” Ricki-Lee laughs in the voiceover, before zooming in on a brown smear on the plate.

“I love it!” she adds.

It’s artistic, we’ll give him that!

This banana, peanut butter and chocolate spread dish is…interesting! (Credit: Instagram)

Ricki-Lee and Richard, who is also her manager, tied the knot in August 2015 at the luxurious Chateau Bouffemont in Paris.

The bride wore a stunning Joanna Johnson gown and revealed that she and her new husband were the last ones to leave the festivities at 5am.

“I wish we could have frozen time to stay in that moment,” Ricki-Lee told New Idea.

“It was magical, absolutely a dream come true, the greatest day of my life.”

Ricki-Lee and Richard have been married since 2015. (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous chat with Who, the singer revealed that Richard is her “biggest supporter” and helps her with both professional and personal issues.

“He’s my husband first and my manager second,” she confessed.

“So he’ll give me a cuddle and tell me I’m pretty and then he’ll be like, ‘but that song is s–t’. He’s very honest with me, brutally honest, and I am with him, and that’s why we work so well. I don’t have yes people in my life.”

Ricki-Lee has also described herself and Richard as a team and that “working together is a great thing.”

“Lots of people find it very interesting – they ask, ‘How can you be in a relationship and work together?’ But we just complement each other so well, both in a relationship but in a working capacity as well,” she explained.

“He challenges me beyond belief. He probably believes in me more than I do. Sometimes, I truly don’t believe I can do something, and he’s like, ‘You can.’ And I’m like, ‘I can’t!’ And then I’m doing the thing, I’m abusing him saying I can’t do it, and he’s like, ‘I told you’.”

“He’s my husband first and my manager second.” (Credit: Instagram)

Ricki-Lee may be married but has openly spoken about how she and her husband don’t want to have children.

Though she loves being an aunty, the Australia’s Got Talent host has said her decision to not be a mother is “a completely personal decision.”

“You can’t tell people how to live their lives. You don’t know what people are going through, if they can’t have kids, or are trying, or have lost a baby,” she told Stellar in 2019.

“For me, it’s simply: I don’t want kids. People on the street ask me, ‘When are you and Rich having kids?’ Stop!”

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