The Block’s Leah & Kristy: “We’re not here to make friends”

Two teams are at war again after another explosive argument on set
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Kristy and Leah’s friendship started as one of the strongest on this season of The Block, but just as quickly as it blossomed, it has disintegrated.

“The breakdown of our friendship altered the entire rest of our Block experience because we were mourning a friendship that we probably had in our mind, that was really different to how Kristy and Brett had it in their minds,” Leah explains to WHO of the fallout.

“I was really disappointed in how it all played out and was gobsmacked that she couldn’t just see someone else’s perspective on it at all.” 

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Watching it unfold on screens with the rest of Australia, Leah admits she’s had to face her own failings as well. “It’s traumatic watching it all back,” she confesses. “I’m not overly happy with some of the things that I did and it can be a little bit embarrassing.” 

While the tension between the two teams has been stark in recent weeks, Leah reveals it reaches an all-time high when tradies are “borrowed” and another fiery body corporate meeting shakes things up yet again.

“The body corporate just gets explosive because we had so much built-up resentment from them just ignoring us for that long and not even wanting to have a conversation,” Leah explains.

“I was like you can’t ignore us for two weeks, not utter a word, and then just expect that we would be happy for you to use our trades … It was a different story when we’re all friends but now that it’s you know, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” 

Two teams are at war again after another explosive argument on set. (Credit: Nine)

As is always the case, there are two sides to every story – with Kristy claiming House 2 were more than deserving of the silent treatment. “This one was, in my eyes, a bit of a betrayal,” she explains of their feud. 

“If someone burns me, I’m like, I won’t get burned twice. So I was a little bit taken aback from it but in the same breath, I was kind of like, ‘Kristy, you can’t care, you’ve known these people for about two minutes.’” 

“I’ve got nothing to say to [Leah and Ash]. So I’m not even going to acknowledge their existence,” Kristy explains. (Credit: Nine)

But Kristy says there was no holding back after Leah’s husband, Ash, decided to “light the fire” at the body corporate meeting. 

“I’m very big on, if you start something you finish it. And I had a lot of accusations thrown around in my direction. So I’m like, let’s hash it out. Let’s finish that,” she reveals.

“In typical Ash and Leah fashion, there had to be a camera involved and had to be a whole crew because they clearly love crowds. It definitely could have been a conversation that was in a smaller environment, but hey, each to their own.” 

“We had no idea that [deliberate game planning] was really their intention,” Leah admits of their former friends. (Credit: Nine)

The clash does seem like a sore spot for Leah, though she insists it was “a closed door moment for me”.

“I’m not ready to forgive and forget that,” she tells. “I went from mourning the friendship to actually being like, ‘Oh, thank God I can wash my hands of this friendship now.’ It’s done for me. And I don’t have to second guess it anymore.”

As for Kristy, it’s water off a duck’s back. “We don’t really care. We came in here with one common goal and that’s to build a house and have an experience,” Kristy adds. “Any money that we make along the way is great, but we didn’t come here for friends.” 

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