Tracey Spicer continues to speak out against sexual harassment

The journalist spoke to WHO exclusively.
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The journalist reveals to WHO what’s next in her investigation into sexual misconduct in the Australian media and entertainment industry. 


tracey spicer
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Tracey Spicer is preparing to release the next reports of inappropriate behaviour and complaints of sexual misconduct against a handful of “household names”.

As she continues to investigate 1000 complaints—which range from sexualised language to rape—Spicer tells WHO the next release of accusations will uncover that sexual misconduct is still happening in the industry. And, she says, Australians will be shocked by the names revealed.

“The public will be incredibly surprised,” she says. “It’s like Hollywood, people we’ve seen on our screens for years. We like to believe that they’re lovely, kind family people.”

 To read more from Spicer about her work, pick up the latest issue of WHO on newsstands today.

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