Aussie brand’s ‘elegant’ take on the celebrity-loved zodiac necklace

Gigi Hadid turned heads with a Taurus necklace. Now a local designer has got in on the act.
TC Edition's take on Zodiac necklace worn by Gigi Hadid
TC Edition has launched an elegant take on the zodiac necklace trend, beloved by celebs like Gigi Hadid.

It’s the trend that can add a deeply personal touch to your everyday look.

The zodiac necklace has long been loved by celebrities.

The eye-catching blue Taurus pendant by Jacquie Aiche that Gigi Hadid memorably wore to her 24th birthday was worth thousands of dollars.

Gigi Hadid wearing Taurus Zodiac necklace
Gigi Hadid wore an eye-catching Taurus necklace for her birthday (Credit: Instagram/Gigi Hadid)

Rihanna, meanwhile, has proudly worn a Pisces pendant and, while pregnant, showed off a special gold cuff adorned with her own sign and that of boyfriend, A$AP Rocky.

Now an Aussie brand has launched their own – affordable – take on the celebrity-loved zodiac necklace.

TC Edition – which produces pendants designed and illustrated locally in Melbourne – has launched its Horoscope Collection which the brand says is “perfect to be worn every day”.

TC Edition horoscope necklace
TC Edition has launched its Horoscope Collection (Credit: Supplied)

Handcrafted using sterling silver, the lightweight, “tarnish-resistant” and hypoallergenic accessories have been designed to “elevate your daily style”.

“Carefully crafted and elegantly worn, this collection reflects the connection between the universe and ourselves,” the brand states on its website.

“We honour the subtlety of the zodiac – at once a reflection of who we are and the promise of who we strive to be.”

Australian zodiac necklace

The $99 pendants are available in sterling silver and sterling gold with 5mm thick 14ct gold plating and a 37cm chain with a 5cm extender.

Zodiac pendant
The zodiac necklace is designed and illustrated locally in Melbourne (Credit: Supplied)

The pieces are designed to be worn every day and the brand says they are “designed to last”.

What does your star sign say about your style?


According to the jewellery-maker, you are “gentle and fierce in equal measure” and should let your jewellery “reflect your desire for the physical manifestation of art”.


You are described as playfully curious and effortlessly expressive”, with your fashion sense “a reflection of you”.


Aquarius, you are “defined by an independent streak that cuts through your soul”, according to the designers. Your jewellery is “a symbol of your unique, forward-thinking spirit”.


You are described as a “stylish, intelligent and considerate” being who can “dream and defend in equal measure”.


Described as “strong, independent and compelled by intensity and charisma”, your jewellery is as “enigmatic as the night”.

Gemini zodiac pendant
The zodiac necklace is designed to be worn every day (Credit: Supplied)


As someone who is “lively, passionate and resistant to rules and regulations”, the designers say your jewellery should reflect your star sign’s “bold and creative expression”.


According to the designers, “taste and quality are hallmarks of your star sign” and your choice of accessories should “echo your precision and wisdom”.


As someone with a “fiery spirit”, your energy is said to push you to “set trends and lead”.


Capricorn, according to the designers you have been gifted a unique ability to “handle everything life throws at you”.

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It’s said that you provide a “soothing balm” for others and the designers suggest you find comfort in a piece of jewellery that ‘carries the magic of your artistic and poetic soul”.


According to the site, it’s time to embrace your “Big Lion Energy” and find a piece of jewellery that “reflects your nobility and innate ability to captivate”.


As a “natural-born caregiver”, the designers say your path in life is “one of kindness, emotional intelligence and protection”.

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