Konrad Bień-Stephen celebrates girlfriend Abbie Chatfield on her birthday

“My little lizard.”
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The internet’s favourite couple, Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen seem to be going stronger than ever, with Konrad sharing a loving tribute to Abbie today for 27th birthday.

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HAPPY MF BIRTHDAY TO MY ICONIC QUEEN,” he began, all in capitals.

“My little lizard, my little hoofed gremlin ungulate @abbiechatfield,” he continued, listing all number of odd descriptors for his partner.

“Pinching myself every day, how did I get so lucky? Proud of you baby and proud to be your partner. I’m always here for you.

“Imagine if you could catch and throw you would be unstoppable,” he joked at the end.

“Imagine if you could catch and throw you would be unstoppable.” (Credit: Instagram)

The adorable couple began celebrating earlier in the week, with Konrad gifting Abbie a very special necklace in honour of their dog, Marco, who recently passed away.

Konrad had his fingerprint and Marco’s toe print printed onto either side of a circular pendant, which was then attached to a chain for Abbie to wear.

“They made a pinky promise that Konrad would take care of me after Marco had gone,” Abbie explained on Instagram.

“This is the best present I have ever received and means so much more after the last week without my little Prince,” she wrote.

Konrad and Marco made a paw pinky promise. (Credit: Instagram)

Adopting Marco was a big step for Abbie and Konrad, who also moved in together around the same time.

The pair met at the end of 2021, taking up together in October after a chance meeting in Byron Bay.

They were introduced by a mutual friend, and were papped kissing at a pub in the coastal NSW town.

The moment was marred by controversy though, given that Konrad had been a contestant on Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette, which was still airing at the time.

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But since then, the pair have only gone from strength to strength, and have even spoken publicly about the fact they have an open relationship.

“We spoke about [having an open relationship] when we met before we’d even kissed,” Abbie revealed on the No Filter podcast.

“We live together … and we’re working towards a future together. The sex is the only real thing that’s different [to a normal relationship], and we still have sex with each other,” she explained.

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