Sex/Life’s Sarah Shahi updates fans on THAT shower scene

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Netflix’s Sex/Life seems to have the nation in its’ grasp.

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Sitting comfortably in the Netflix top ten since its’ release a few weeks ago, many have devoured the eight-part series about listless housewife, Billie, and the turmoil she faces across a walk down memory lane, leading her to feel torn between her husband, Cooper, and her bad-boy ex, Brad – mostly due to her memories of their wild and freaky sex life.

Now, starring actress Sarah Shahi has shed new light on the standout scene from the show, where character Cooper Connelly is confronted by the shocking size of his wife’s ex-boyfriend’s penis.

Sharing a snap of the script to her Instagram stories this week, Sarah revealed how the show approached sex scenes in a way that was quite different from the norm.

Sarah posted an image of the detailed script. (Credit: Instagram)

“The difference with the sex scenes in this project was EVERYTHING was on the page,” the actress said.

“This allowed for an emotional point of storytelling to happen through the sex scenes, not just shock value.”

Although shock value definitely plays a part in this scene, with the exact time code of the penis reveal being shared in women’s group chats across the world.

The big reveal takes place in a gym shower. (Credit: Netflix)

In the scene, Billie’s husband Cooper and her ex-boyfriend, Brad, happen to be showering at the gym at the exact same moment.

Cooper catches sight of Brad’s substantial member, and, as the script says, has ‘his worst fears conformed – Brad’s junk is impressive’.

The scene has led many to look at Australian actor Adam Demos – who portrays Brad – in a new light, wondering whether the ‘package’ truly belongs to him, or if some kind of prosthetic or CGI was used to ramp up both Billie’s pleasure and Cooper’s jealousy.

These two have refused to confirm if there’s any CGI going on… (Credit: Instagram)

The whopping size of the member has also led journalists to ask both Demos himself and showrunner Stacy Rukeyser – is it real?

Stacy has at least confirmed that it is not a body double.

“I mean, people usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic?” she said in a chat with Collider.

“I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination,” she said.

Sarah and Adam have started a relationship in real life. (Credit: Instagram)

Adding to the wild speculation about Demos’ body is the fact that he and Sarah Shahi are now in a real-life relationship.

However, they are both staying tight-lipped.

WATCH BELOW: Sex/Life’s Adam Demos discusses filming sex scenes for the female gaze…

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