Get set, go! Meet the Amazing Race 2021 contestants

And this season's looking a little bit different.
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Not even a global pandemic could stop The Amazing Race Australia from coming back to screens in 2021!

WATCH BELOW: First look at The Amazing Race Australia 2021

International travel may be off the cards due to coronavirus restrictions, but this year the hopeful contestants will complete gruelling tasks right here Down Under.

Hosted once again by the charming Beau Ryan, this season is expected to be the toughest yet and the pairs will be pushed to their limits in the hopes of securing that grand prize of $250,000.

The action kicks off on February 1 on Channel Ten so mark your diaries now.

But who are this year’s hopefuls? Meet them here.

Beau is back as host. (Credit: Ten)

Alex and Jack, NSW

These quirky, fun-loving twins are bringing a touch of style to the race.

Even though they love to bicker, Jack says that Alex is his “favourite human” and they’re both on the same wavelength.

The twin models love satisfying their inner child. (Credit: Ten)

Ashleigh and Amanda, QLD

These Gold Coast gal pals met in a very 21st century way – by commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

It was “the adventure of a lifetime” for the besties, and their love of adventure and being active will definitely come in handy.

Ashleigh and Amanda love all things travel and adventure. (Credit: Ten)

Brendon and Jackson, NSW

These cowboys are about as True Blue as they come!

The pair met through rodeoing over 10 years ago and love all things that will get that adrenaline pumping – but Brendon may not fare so well if frogs are involved.

“I’d tongue kiss a brown snake before I touch a frog any day of the week!” he says.

Cowboys Brendon and Jackson are up for anything…so long as frogs aren’t involved. (Credit: Ten)

Chris and Aleisha, QLD

She’s a former Disneyland princess, he’s a self-proclaimed nerd – this married couple will be ones to watch this season.

“Our dream came true!” Aleisha wrote on Instagram of their Amazing Race experience, so we’ll have to see how they fare.

The geek and the princess! (Credit: Ten)

Dwes and Katherine, WA

Cousins from The Kimberleys, Dwes and Katherine are proud First Nations people and want to be positive role models and inspire their community to dream big.

“I think we’re going to be the deadliest team on Amazing Race!” Dwes jokes.

Though they admit to butting heads often, can they work through their differences and snag the $250,000?

Kimberleys cousins Dwes and Katherine want to inspire their community. (Credit: Ten)

Holly and Dolor, NSW

They’ve been dubbed the “power couple” so this Sydney boyfriend and girlfriend must think the race is a piece of cake!

But lawyer Holly and her boyfriend of five years Dolor, who hails from Nigerian royalty, could struggle – especially as Dolor’s terrified of bugs and insects.

“Holly’s more resilient than me,” he admits.

Power couple Holly and Dolor are ready for action. (Credit: Ten)

Jaskirat and Anurag, NSW

Best mates Jaskirat and Anurag, who met 10 years ago at Summer Sikh youth camp are proud “Super Sikhs” who are excited to show Australia more of their culture and fighting spirit!

“It was an adventure of a lifetime around our beautiful country,” the travel-enthusiasts said.

The Super Sikhs are in it to win it. (Credit: Ten)

Jobelle and Rani, VIC

13 years ago, this dad and daughter moved from the Philippines and as a child Jobelle swore that one day that she and her dad would star on The Amazing Race. 

Turns out dreams really do come true! Let’s see if they make it all the way to the end.

Jobelle’s dream became a reality! (Credit: Ten)

Jordan and Violeta, VIC

The thought of completing The Amazing Race with an ex sounds unappealing to most, but Jordan and Violeta aren’t your typical exes.

The couple dated in high school but are now not only close friends but elite dance partners who are hoping to waltz their way to victory on the race.

Dancing to victory! (Credit: Ten)

Jude and Shannon, QLD

Fun-loving mums Jude and Shannon met through their kids nearly 20 years ago and are sure to bring the laughs this season as they run the race.

“This is what happens when you say to your bestie… ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we…’ and she foolishly says yes,” they joked on Instagram of applying for the adventurous reality show.

Jude and Shannon have ditched their husbands and kids for the ultimate adventure. (Credit: Ten)

Malaan and Tina, VIC

Born in South Sudan, these two have been friends since they were five-years-old and moved to other parts of Africa as refugees before arriving in Australia.

Whilst Malaan is an international model studying towards a business degree, politics enthusiast Tina is a Senior Policy Advisor for the Victorian government and though they’ve visited many international locations, it’s time to explore their backyard.

Can these childhood besties win? (Credit: Ten)

Sefa and Jessica, NSW

Prepare for plenty of banter from these longtime friends! In the 10 years that they’ve been pals, Sefa and Jessica have been winding each other non-stop and we can’t wait to see their sass on the show.

Both are from a Polynesian background and should they win the cash prize, they want to use it to help their tight-knit families.

“Which is faster – my legs or my mouth?” Sefa joked. (Credit: Ten)

Shane and Deb, NSW

This mum and dad haven’t had the easiest ride – Shane was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Deb lost her gym due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re not letting anything stop them!

With Shane’s health improving, these two are keen to win the grand prize and bounce back from a tough year.

Shane and Deb could really benefit from the $250,000 prize. (Credit: Ten)

Skye-Blue and Jake, VIC

Do these siblings have what it takes to win the grand prize?

“I will always push and I will always achieve everything I set my mind to,” Skye-Blue, who was born without a left hand, says.

As for Jake, who comes in at a towering 6’5”, he believes his height will be a big asset.

Skye-Blue was born without a left hand, but isn’t letting it hold her back. (Credit: Ten)

MJ and Chelsea, SA

In a shock twist, these two footy mates play for the Adelaide Crows AFLW made a fashionably late arrival to the race.

“They might be a bit angry. Who knows?” they said when asked what they reckon the other teams will think.

AFLW players MJ and Chelsea made a late arrival. (Credit: Ten)

Stan and Wayne, NSW

If one intruder couple wasn’t enough, check out these two!

The bodybuilder buddies will no doubt give their fellow racers a big shock.

The bodybuilders are the latest team to rock up to the race. (Credit: Ten)

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