Anna Heinrich reveals Tim Robards’ secret talent

Anna Heinrich has revealed her husband Tim Robards' secret talent and we hope their daughter will inherit her dad's musical skills.
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Tim Robards may be a chiropractor and actor, but his wife Anna Heinrich has shared another talent of the former Bachelor’s.

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Anna uploaded a photo of herself to her Instagram account dressed in a chic white suit.

Smiling at the camera in her and Tim’s home, the mum-to-be captioned her post “It suits me……for now,” in reference to her growing baby bump.

However, one fan noticed a key detail in the background and asked in the comments section, “Who plays the piano?”

Anna quickly replied that Tim is the musical maestro in the house to which the fan replied, “Wow I didn’t expect that. He is full of surprises.”

Anna Heinrich
Anna’s recent Instagram unintentionally revealed Tim’s musical talent. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim revealed to realestate.com.au in 2019 that he grew up playing the piano after his mum started him out on a keyboard.

Though he didn’t practise as much in his younger years, the Neighbours star revealed that now he loves to play.

“It’s such a nice way to chill out. It’s like a form of meditation where you have to switch off and focus on what you’re doing,” he explained.

The former Bachelor also added that the musical instrument will play a significant role when he and Anna expand their family.

“The piano is also something that our (future) kids can use. It was a pain in the bum lugging it up four flights of stairs to get it into our new apartment, though, as it weighs about 300kg,” he added.

Tim Robards
“It’s such a nice way to chill out,” Tim says of playing the piano. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim and Anna recently found at that they were expecting a baby girl at their gender reveal party over the weekend.

“Looks like she’s going to be Daddy’s lil girl!” Tim captioned a video of the moment he and Anna discovered they were expecting a daughter.

“Music’s a little soppy but I think moments like these need a little a little piano and slow mo. Still wrapping my head around becoming a father but I cannot wait to wrap my little girl in so much love, hugs and spikey bearded kisses when she’s ready to join us!!! And with a Mother like Anna she’s going to be a lively one!”

We wonder how she’ll go learning the piano with her dad!

Tim and Anna
Tim and Anna’s first child will be a baby girl. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim and Anna’s little girl is due in November 2020, but at the beginning of the year Anna told The Daily Telegraph that they don’t plan on stopping at just one child.

“It has always been on our mind but we are getting older, not that we are old but we want to have hopefully more than one kid,” Anna said.

“It is something we are both very keen on.”

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