How Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich’s relationship has changed since The Bachelor Australia

The fan-favourites reflect on their road to romance.
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Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards shot to fame as the very first couple from The Bachelor Australia in 2013. In the eight years since, their love story has continued to make fans swoon as they moved in together, tied the knot, and welcomed a baby girl.

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Giving birth to daughter Elle in November 2020, Anna says their first year as parents has been an incredible experience beyond their wildest dreams.

“It’s been so rewarding and I think it’s been better than we expected,”  Anna tells WHO, after celebrating Elle’s first birthday last year.

tim robards anna heinrich
Tim and Anna celebrated Elle’s first birthday in November. (Credit: Instagram)

Chatting with WHO, Tim and Anna open up on their relationship timeline since filming The Bachelor AustraliaFrom moving in together to working out for a new reality TV show.

It’s been eight years since fans met you on The Bachelor Australia. Did you ever expect to be where you are now?

Anna: No [laughs]. I think the main thing for us is that we’ve taken every day as it comes. We plan for the future but we don’t look too far ahead because then I think you can get too caught up in it and you need to be living your life.

Tim: And just keeping it real. When you go through something like that it’s easy to get wrapped up in the fairytale, but pretty soon you’ve got to come back to real life. And I think we kept it real. At the end of the day it’s like any relationship, it comes down to good communication and similar values and I think that’s what gets us through.

We have very similar topline values. We obviously have some that are different, which you need because otherwise it would be boring – it’d be like dating your twin or something – but we’ve got other values that complement each other, and the main ones are aligned. And I think over the years we’ve worked on our connection and it all comes down to good, healthy communication, trust, support and all that sort of stuff.  

tim and anna the bachelor finale
Tim and Anna were Australia’s first Bachelor success story. (Credit: 10)

There have been so many highlights since leaving the show, most importantly welcoming your daughter Elle. Has becoming first-time parents been a dream come true?

Tim: It’s been a lot to adapt to but it’s been really, really rewarding.

Anna: It’s been so rewarding and I think it’s been better than we expected. Having Elle has definitely been our highlight, and she’s just growing so quickly, but we absolute adore her.

Tim: And it’s been good to have the time to be present with her in the first year of her life.

After spending much of Elle’s first year in lockdown, are you looking forward to having some family adventures now? 

Tim: Yeah, we love travel. We’d love to get back to where we got married in Puglia in Italy. We’d love to take Elle there one day – but it’s a bit hard at the moment.

Anna: Yeah and I think Australia or close to Australia right now, we’d love to go to Fiji. Places where the time difference isn’t too extreme for Elle.

Tim: And hopefully down the track as well, we probably need to upgrade the family home, something a little bigger while we expand the family!

anna tim
“Being parents has been better than we expected.” (Credit: Instagram)

Up next for you Anna is SAS: Australia. What can you tell us about that?

Anna: Tim encouraged me [to do the show]. It was definitely something I never thought I’d be doing, there was just no way. It’s so far out of my comfort zone.

Tim: I know how strong Anna is. How resilient she is and how much inner strength she has, and I knew if she decided to set her mind to it she would give it everything.

And it doesn’t hurt that your fitness trainer husband was on hand to help you get into shape

Anna: I actually had to listen to Tim for the first time ever [laughs]. We had to mimic what we thought would be on the show and just get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Tim: We actually got out of the gym, because we wanted to try and replicate what she would go up against in the real world of SAS. It was really trying to go, what will you be up against? You’ll be carrying a backpack, climbing up things, there’s going to be cold and icy water, you’ll be out in the rain. All of those things. She’d be running the hills of Bellevue Hills with a backpack on, with me pushing Elle in a pram.

anna heinrich and tim robards
Anna jokes she had to listen to Tim for “the first time” to train for SAS: Australia. (Credit: Instagram)

SAS: Australia returns to Channel Seven in February 2022. Get to know the rest of the cast here.

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