Drew slams Big Brother OGs as he vows he’s never coming back

And yes, he called out Tully by name.
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Anthony Drew has hit out at his fellow Big Brother Royalty after being evicted from the house directly after ex-girlfriend Tully Smyth.

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Taking to Instagram in the hours after his eviction aired, the BB star who first won fame in the 2013 season revealed he’d never return to the show again.

“It took a few tries but they finally got rid of me, not before taking a few out first. This time I promise, I won’t be back,” he penned.

So what was the problem? Did he dislike the new format, which has divided opinions among fans? Or perhaps he resented being back in the house with his ex, Tully?

The reality TV heartthrob revealed his main frustration was actually with the Big Brother OG’s “complaining” too much in the house, especially Tully.

Drew has slammed other BB Royalty for “spoiling” the game for the newbies. (Credit: Seven)

“There was so much constant complaining about how it wasn’t like the old days,” he told 7Entertainment.

“Or they’d try to guess or spoil the surprises for the newbies that have never gone through things and… might not have expected twists, turns and how production sort of works. So that was annoying.”

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He even singled out Tully, claiming she and Estelle were two of the main offenders when it came to “spoiling” the Big Brother experience for the new housemates.

“We’d be sitting there and Big Brother would be talking and then you know, you’ve got your Tullys and your Estelles being like, ‘Oh, it’s going to be this, it’s going to be this’.”

Drew and Tully started a romance on the show in 2013. (Credit: Nine)

Though some of the Royalty housemates, including Trevor Butler and Tully herself, took issue with the new format, Drew seemed more than happy to play the strategic new game.

But he was also back to his old “Casanova” ways in the 2022 season, sparking up a “showmance” with Sam Manovski.

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The pair seemed smitten on the show but split just one month after filming and both are now dating new people.

While Drew seems happy to focus on his new partner, Bianca, Sam had a few choice words for her TV ex after her Big Brother elimination aired.

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“Drew played me,” the reality star told TV WEEK. “It was a nice little reminder that there are still guys out there that can just lie through their teeth like that.”

Ouch. Meanwhile Drew’s other Big Brother ex, Tully, told WHO exclusively that her TV romance with him back in 2013 was a huge “mistake”, as she was already in a relationship at the time.

“Not only did I make a monumental mistake, [it was] the biggest mistake of my life,” she revealed, adding that the backlash was so intense she experienced PTSD.

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