We know who wins Jimmy’s heart on The Bachelor

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The Bachelor is almost over for another year and viewers are adamant they know who will be the last one standing.

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There have been many theories as to how The Bachelor tries to hint at the winner over the years.

From the “first girl to exit the limo”, to the “magical music” as she and Bachie share their first conversation, all the way to who is wearing the lighter dress at the finaleBachelor fans have become experts at formulating theories as to how Channel Ten hints at the show’s winner year in and year out.

And while these theories are exactly that (theories), it seems that viewers are getting more and more confident when it comes to predicting which of the contestants will make it to the end. So confident, in fact, that they’re actually placing bets on the final result.

Jimmy’s favourite may have already been revealed… (Credit: Ten)

It’s between Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal but the predicted winner, Holly Kingston, has been listed as a 1.30 on Sportsbet and a 1.10 on TAB.

Even in the early days, viewers of the show certainly seemed to back up the betting sites’ odds, with many claiming the marketing manager has already received the quintessential “winner edit.”

The show’s alum also seem certain Holly has captured Jimmy’s heart.

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“Calling it right here. In for the win,” Chelsie McLeod, the winner from Matt Agnew’s season, wrote on Instagram as she shared a clip of Holly’s entrance.

“Winner winner chicken dinner,” Megan Marx, who was on Richie Strahan’s season, also said of Holly.

Bella Varelis, the runner-up from Locky Gilbert’s season, also shared a clip of Holly and said: “My girl got the magic music.”

Former winners reckon Holly’s the one to watch. (Credit: Ten)

Although, some public opinion quickly changed after an old post of Holly’s resurfaced and sparked controversy online.

In 2018, Holly shared a picture of herself with a dog in front of an American flag at the Wisdom Tree in Los Angeles, California. But it was the reality star’s caption that really got people talking.

“#MAGA,” was all Holly wrote alongside the photo. MAGA stands for Make America Great Again and it was former President of the United States Donald Trump’s slogan while he was in office.

Holly came under fire for captioning the above “MAGA” – Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. (Credit: Instagram)

The reality star then received substantial backlash on Twitter, with many questioning their initial opinion of the 27-year-old as well as her potential winner status.

However, New Idea reached out to Holly for comment on the post in question, who explained that the caption is in no way a reflection of her political leanings.

“The comment I made on my Instagram caption from 2018 which made reference to US politics, was made in jest and with complete sarcasm intended,” Holly said.

She continued: “It’s fairly evident I use satire a lot on my social media platforms. This comment in no way, shape or form is an accurate representation of my political beliefs.”

So, have Sportsbet and TAB got it right? Will Holly actually win Jimmy’s heart? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping our eyes wide open for more ‘magic winner music’ and fan theories.

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This article was originally published on our sister site, New Idea.

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