Inside Bachelor hopeful Monique Morley’s romantic MAFS connection

This babe's dating history is TV worthy!
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We’ve barely even met the contestants taking part in this season of The Bachelor and already one of the ladies has been linked to another Australian reality TV star.

Monique Morley, the blonde bombshell vying for Matt Agnew’s heart, is apparently pretty close with Married At First Sight star Jessika Power’s controversial brother, Rhyce.

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“They’re both from Perth and were together for a good while when they were in their early twenties,” a source told Daily Mail Australia.

“They were completely in love but ending up splitting when Rhyce moved away for work and Monique started travelling.”

So… what we’re hearing is that the love may have never actually died between Rhyce and Monique — who is one of 28 women vying to capture the heart of astrophysicist Matt on TV this year.

The pair certainly still looked very close in an Insta snap Monique posted during a trip to Bali last June, where the pair crossed paths during a pool party.

“Posers. Six years later, haven’t changed a bit,” the blonde bombshell captioned the snap, hinting at the long-lasting friendship between them.

But these days, the friendly exes have their hearts set elsewhere.

Monique’s eyes are, of course, firmly on Bachie Matt; and – plot twist! – carpenter Rhyce has another reality TV star in his sights! 


The tattooed tradie has most recently been romantically linked to another MAFS star – Tamara Joy. Far from trying to keep their chemistry private, aspiring  model Rhyce shared an Instagram story showing he and Tamara having dinner together popular Bali restaurant Slippery Stone. 

Looking gorgeous on the night out, Tamara is seen scrolling on her phone before she looks up at the camera to give a flirty smile.

And while the internet can’t get enough of the reality romance, there’s one person who wasn’t happy to hear the news: Rhyce’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Sierra.

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The 24-year-old model admitted she was “sick to the bone” when she heard about her former flame’s new alleged hookup.

“To be honest, I was really shocked [when I found out],” Vanessa said during a Q&A with fans.

“I’m not sure if she genuinely likes him or it is more for publicity? Not going to lie, when I found out I felt sick to the bone.”

Vanessa and Rhyce have a chequered history, with the pair splitting in March after model Vanessa alleged that Rhyce — who briefly appeared on MAF, courtesy of his sister’s starring role — assaulted her at a fitness camp in Thailand.

Rhyce firmly denied the allegations in an Instagram post in April.


Rhyce has also denied that he and Tamara – who was his sister’s on-air arch nemesis – are an item, lying in bed beside the MAFS star to post a video saying: “No, we aren’t a couple. We’re both single. We’re friends hanging out with each other in bed, watching movies.”

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