The Bachelorette Australia’s Darvid confirms he’s moving in with Brooke after finale

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Say it IS so! Just a few weeks ago, Brooke Blurton was reportedly spotted moving in with Darvid Garayeli. After tonight’s beautiful finale of The Bachelorette Australia, the winner has confirmed he is indeed taking a major step with Brooke and moving into the same ‘abode’ as her in Melbourne.

Shortly after they declared their love for one another on-screen on Thursday night, Darvid and Brooke shared their first statement about their relationship.

“I can’t believe I found my person,” Darvid wrote on Instagram. “When I entered this experience I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect, I’ve come out of this with my life partner and she’s so much more than I could have ever envisioned.

“It’s been an absolute roller coaster to get to this point, 4 months of laughter, tears and endless FaceTimes. This is the beginning of a new chapter for both of us and I cant wait to move into our Melbourne abode.

“Thank you to everyone for the kind comments and a big shoutout to everyone I’ve leant on throughout this process.”

brooke and darvid
Brooke was allegedly spotted visiting Darvid. (Credit: 10)

We’re so happy to hear that Darvid and Brooke are all loved-up! And intrigued to hear that the internet sleuths have done it again. So, let’s back it up. Where did the rumour that they were living together come from?

A couple of week’s ago, reports said that a fan of the show saw Brooke “moving in” to “his place.” 

Bachie Fan and super-sleuth Allira Howard left a comment in the Queen of Australian Reality TV Facebook Group, revealing that Darvid ‘lives’ opposite her parents and her family recently spotted Brooke arriving with the same suitcase she had shown on her Instagram Stories.

“Trying to be secretive, blinds shut, parking all the way at back of driveway etc but my sister saw [Brooke] and the suitcases she had in her Insta Story late last week too, when Darvid was getting her in/out of the car,” the fan wrote – which was revealed by The Wash.

Now, any fan of the show would know that Darvid has lived in Queensland most of his life. He was open to moving to Melbourne, but on the show was still based in Brisbane.

Maybe he was renting an AirBnB in Melbourne and the fan saw Brooke visiting him? Maybe Brooke was able to visit Brisbane? Maybe it never happened? Who knows! We’re just happy to hear these two will be moving in, regardless of where the ~rumour~ first started.

darvid and brooke's first date
Brooke and Darvid touch down after a scenic heli-ride on their first date. (Credit: 10)

Speaking to our sister site, Now to Love, the couple addressed the issue of Darvid’s mother, who seemed very worried during hometowns that she might whisk him off to Melbourne, taking him away from his family, his home, and his business.

Mum’s an absolute sweetheart, she’s all for it. She absolutely loves Brooke and thinks that she’s a super wonderful and supportive partner,” Darvid confirmed.

“She doesn’t hate me! She literally calls me her daughter,” Brooke laughed.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelorette Australia | Brooke and Darvid plan to return to their normal lives.

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