Big Brother’s Daniel Hayes says he’s the “hero” not the “villain”

But his former housemates say otherwise...
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Big Brother 2021 housemate Daniel Hayes is asking us all to trust him when he says that he’s the “hero,” “not the villain of the show.”

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Speaking with the Herald Sun, the 48-year-old real estate agent said that unlike some other players, he’s here to win $250,000.

“I’m not there for Instagram fame or to make friends. I’m there to play the game, have a bit of fun and evict as many people as I can,” he told the publication.

“I’m not the villain of the show, I’ll be the hero, trust me.”

But, according to some of Daniel’s fellow contestants, that might have irked people the wrong way. 

Big Brother
Daniel Hayes’ time on the show has so far left fans and housemates divided but he urges people to wait and see. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Last week, the real estate mogul and owner of Hayeswinckle declared himself the “king of the jungle” and the “greatest player of Big Brother in the world.”

Fans caught a glimpse at this last night when Daniel tried to convince Tilly to fight to stay, after the strategic player disguised as a ditsy blonde was nominated for eviction and not trying to convince people to keep her in.

Could it be a strategic play to keep around someone who could help him later in the competition? Maybe! Was it still a nice gesture? Absolutely.

Flex Mami says she and Daniel didn’t get along. (Credit: Channel Seven)

However, it seems some of his former now eliminated contestants have said otherwise.

In an interview with PopSugar, Flex Mami, 26, has described him as “hyper-masculine, misogynistic and a bit sexist,” after he “grilled” her about her “employment history and couldn’t understand that I had a brain and also work in the entertainment industry.”

Max Beattie, the 29-year-old Queensland Ironman who was eliminated by Daniel, told New Idea: “I didn’t get voted out because I was hated, I got voted out because one guy was scared, that’s all”.

“I just don’t want Daniel to win.”

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Whether Daniel is a hero or villain of this season’s Big Brother is unclear right now, but we’ll no doubt see more of his strategic antics as the season unfolds. 

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that despite Daniel’s bold claims that he’s the best player, he isn’t one of the housemates that are rumoured to make the Big Brother 2021 top three.

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