REVIEW: ‘Bloom’

Stan's new Australian drama has an A-list cast and a magical premise
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Strange things are happening in a small country town a year after a freak flood claimed the lives of five locals, but at first it doesn’t seem like the events in Bloom – which include a man played by Ryan Corr running around the place without any clothes on and the disappearance from hospital of an Alzheimer’s-afflicted former TV star (Jacki Weaver) – are connected. Watch the trailer below.

By the end of the first episode of this six-part local series, the pieces fall into place for the viewer in terms of what mystical process is at play, but what is not entirely clear is where the story is headed. Without giving too much away, it seems to be a second chance for some of the characters to revisit choices they made in their past, but to what end?
Bloom Jacki Weaver Bryan Brown
(Credit: Stan)

With top-rate performances by Corr, Weaver, and cast-mates like Bryan Brown and Phoebe Tonkin, and the vastness of outback Australia as Bloom’s backdrop, there is plenty of incentive to stick with this series, even if you get the inkling that the storyline pay-off isn’t necessarily going to be that satisfying. (On Stan from Tues., Jan. 1) 3.5 stars 

For more on Bloom, listen to the summer special episode of WHO’s TV podcast, Binge List (below).


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